Scholarships Available

If you have the talent, the drive and the initiative to study at UCD Smurfit School and to go on to a successful career, but are being held back by your personal financial circumstances, one of these scholarships could be for you. This year we are offering:

Up to 3 MBA Scholarships.

Up to 9 Scholarships for any of our other Masters programmes.

For study commencing in September 2017.


Status: CLOSED
Opening: 1st February 2017
Closing: 12th May 2017
Value: 50% Tuition Fees

The Aspire Scholarships are intended by the donor as a contribution to the recovery of the Irish economy. They are specifically for those who could not otherwise afford to study at UCD Smurfit School.

Since 2010, the impact of the Aspire Programme has been tremendous. Thanks to the donor’s generosity, many students have benefitted from financial support towards the cost of their tuition fees. Our Aspire graduates have excelled in their fields, and many are employed in leading companies such as Google, Citi, KPMG, Ulster Bank, PepsiCo, Microsoft, AIB, Accenture, Mitsubishi and PwC.

Why Aspire?

The Aspire Scholarship Programme represents an extraordinary gesture of belief by the donor in the resilience of this country and the calibre of Ireland's graduates. Hear what some of our Aspire Alumni have to say.

What do the Aspire 2017 scholarships provide?

What do the Aspire 2017 scholarships provide?

The scholarships are for half the fees for the relevant courses.

In addition, if you receive a scholarship and you need to borrow the other half of the fees, there are special arrangements in place to help you to do so.

How to Apply

How to Apply

In order to be considered for the scholarships, candidates must apply by 12th May 2017;

1. have completed and submitted an online application to UCD Smurfit for the Taught Masters programme they hope to take in 2017/18. Click here to apply for a UCD Smurfit Taught Masters.

2. have completed the simple online Scholarship Application Form. All required fields must be completed on the Form. Click here to complete the Scholarship Application Form. Please note that you will not see these scholarships at this link until you have submitted a valid application (step 1 above).

Scholarships Notice

Candidates qualifying for more than one scholarship or bursary and successful in that, can’t add or combine them.  They will be awarded the higher amount.  Candidates can't transfer or use one scholarship or bursary between or against another programme. Scholarships and bursaries are also not allowed to be deferred to a future academic year so will be awarded to the student for the year they are offered a place only in UCD Smurfit.   That is, students can't defer their place in UCD Smurfit to a future year.