About Executive Development

UCD Executive Development offers a wide range of open enrolment and customised courses. These courses are designed for organisations, business professionals, managers, leaders, and executives from many different functions who strive for professional and personal growth. The courses are developed to help executives and organisations from both the private and the public sectors achieve operational excellence and results.

A word from our Dean

When it comes to Smurfit Executive Development you have to be willing to have your traditional way of thinking challenged. An open mind and enthusiasm to participate will lead you to a truly transformational experience

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A word from our Director

Learning begins the day a participant steps onto the UCD Smurfit School campus, and its impact lasts a lifetime.

Today’s business leaders face critical challenges— globalisation, turbulent markets and evolving technologies.

As a result, senior executives often need to step outside their organisations to acquire the skills and knowledge to address these demands successfully.

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Why Smurfit Executive Development?

The quality of any executive development programme depends on the calibre of those who choose to pursue it, as participants will often challenge each other as much as, if not more than, their professors.

Therefore, Smurfit Executive Development attracts the best candidates by maintaining our reputation as a world-leading business school.

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Our Faculty

Smurfit Executive Development programmes are developed and taught by core faculty of UCD and associate faculty through partnerships with other global executive development providers.

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Meet our Team

At Smurfit Executive Development, the business of learning is personal. We have a highly experienced team on hand to oversee the details of executive development programme delivery and ensure a successful and memorable open enrolment and customised programme experience from beginning to end. The goal of our Smurfit Executive Development faculty and staff is to make your experience memorable, transformational, and unique.

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Triple Crown Accreditation

UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School is one of an elite group worldwide to hold the highest level of accreditation from the three most influential business school accreditation bodies; AACSB (US), EQUIS (Europe) and AMBA (UK).‌‌

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Our Facilities

Located within UCD Smurfit School, Executive Development offers high-tech classrooms, team rooms, dining facilities, lounges, and conference facilities for the exclusive use of our executive clients and participants.

We focus on delivering exceptional outcomes for you, inside and outside the classroom.

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Alumni Network

Just as education lasts a lifetime, the people you meet at UCD Smurfit School will stay with you throughout your career. Since the value of the contacts you will make during your time at UCD is impossible to quantify, UCD Business Alumni works hard to ensure that you remain in contact with them and with the wider buiness community.

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Getting Started

To ensure a high-impact learning experience for all programme participants, we select experienced professionals with demonstrated business expertise and leadership potential from a strong pool of diverse industry sectors and backgrounds.

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