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Pathway to a Master's Degree

As Ireland’s premier provider of executive development open programmes, we can help you master the right skills for the most complex global business challenges with our unique and flexible MSc pathway.

If you’re an experienced professional who wants to continue in your chosen career while undertaking part-time study, then this flexible MSc pathway option will offer you the very best learning experience and a world-class qualification.

What is the MSc in Business & Executive Coaching Pathway?

The Diploma in Team Coaching forms part of the MSc in Business & Executive Coaching pathway. If participants successfully complete the Diploma in Business & Executive Coaching, the Diploma in Advanced Business & Executive Coaching and the Diploma in Team Coaching within a 5-year timeframe (not compulsory), they are awarded with the MSc in Business & Executive Coaching.

Please note, the UCD Diploma in Team Coaching can be alternated with either the Diploma in Leadership Development or Diploma in Organisational Change and Transformation as the final diploma option.

A key feature of the MSc pathway is its flexible timeframe, which allows you to tailor your participation around work/life demands. Whereas each of the individual diplomas takes approximately 10-12 months to complete, we advise participants of a 5-year window within which to ideally complete all three steps and be awarded the MSc in Business & Executive Coaching.

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