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Participants will learn to understand and develop a communication style to become more effective and inspire those around them by assessing their own individual needs and objectives.

Effective speeches take time and forethought. Participants will learn how to open and close speeches successfully, plan content effectively and enhance their speaking style so that they project authority, energy and audience awareness.


Participants will learn to control emotions such as nervousness and shyness in order to maximise personal self-confidence, gain credibility with the audience and achieve consistency between the verbal and nonverbal aspects of their message.

Throughout the three days, participants will discover the importance of first impressions and how to create a positive connection between speaker and audience. They will develop self-awareness and manage their own personal image by understanding gestures, expressions and appearance.

Participants will learn to understand the power of storytelling, a valuable skill that will help them transmit their vision, project or brand to any audience.

Participants will analyse four case studies that focus on world leaders with different leadership and communication styles: the inspirer, the negotiator, the persuader and the winner of arguments. Through group dialogue, participants will identify the “best practices” of these successful communicators to strengthen their own unique communication style.

The presentation styles include:

  • The rational-based speech, used for interviews, informal meetings and business presentations;
  • The special occasion speech, aimed at persuading or inspiring others in times of crisis or corporate restructuring;
  • The visionary speech, designed to gain credibility and obtain buy-in for your project or idea.

Each of the three days involve the preparation and delivery of a speech.


During the course, participants will be delivering various types of presentations and will receive valuable feedback from peers and faculty.

Meet the Faculty

Our dedicated team of faculty are widely recognised as skilled educators, ground-breaking researchers and accomplished authors. Through publishing, consulting and teaching they leverage their business expertise and field-based research to deliver programmes, encourage participants to develop new ways of thinking, widen their perspectives and to understand their own challenges and capabilities.

The faculty present topics via a range of engaging methods such as ‘action learning’ projects, case studies, role plays, individual assessment and one-on-one coaching, so as to deliver a unique and lasting learning experience.


Conor Neill

Conor Neill

Programme Director

Programme designer and leader Conor Neill has a degree in Psychology and Artificial Intelligence and an MBA from IESE Business School. He has been teaching Leadership Communication programmes for over 10 years and is a Lecturer at IESE Business School in Barcelona as well as running the IESE Leadership Communications courses for MBA and Executive MBAs and many senior director programmes. He has worked with organisations such as Accenture, Applus, Barcelona Activa, Microsoft, Novartis, IBM and Sa

Participant Testimonials

Conor Neill delivers the course in an engaging and expert manner, continuously utilising the very methods and tools being taught.

“Conor Neill is an internationally renowned and highly sought after speaker who is revolutionising the business world with his practical and simple systematic approach to personal leadership and influence through powerful communication. His talks push participants to take responsibility for their situation and work to create sustainable changes in their personal and professional lives. He has consistently been ranked as a top speaker by the attendees of his talks, and has been invited back by multiple groups for follow-up workshops.”

“The Influence and Persuasive Communications course is guided by natural storytellers who know their craft and who engage their audience and make hours pass like minutes."

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