Fiona Harrigan


School Of Business
Quinn School of Business
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1 7164724


College Lecturer, UCD, 2001- Part-time Lecturer, UCD, 2000-2001 Research Assistant, National Research Agency, 1999 Corporate Finance Executive, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, 1997-1998 Auditor, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, 1994-1996 Equity Analyst, Goodbody Stockbrokers, 1989-1993




Association: CAI, Function/Role: FCA
Association: Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI), Function/Role: Member




Research Interests

The paper ¿Integrating Theories of Firm Boundaries: A Case from the Global Aircraft Industry¿ was presented at the following Conferences in 2006:




-           European Accounting Association (EAA) Conference (Dublin, March 2006)


-           Conference for Coordination and Cooperation across Organisational Boundaries (Milan, April 2006)


-           University of Manchester Doctoral Conference (Manchester, May 2006)


-           Irish Accounting & Finance Association (IAFA) Conference (Dublin, May 2006)






The paper ¿The Limits of Isomorphism: Accounting Control Systems in De-Integrated




Structures¿ was presented at the following Conference in 2011:






-           European Accounting Association (EAA) Conference (Rome, April 2011)






I presented a paper entitled ¿Evolution of Accounting Controls in a De-Integrated Project Structure: A Case of Hybridisation¿ at the BAFA Northern Area Annual Conference in September 2011. 






Work in Process





I graduated with a PhD in the area of Accounting and Organisational Theory at the University of Manchester in July 2010. My supervisors were Professor Ted O¿Leary and Dr. Jodie Moll. The focus of the research was accounting and inter-firm relationships in the global aircraft industry. I am currently preparing a joint paper with Professor O¿Leary and Dr. Moll, intended for publication in an A-list journal, in which Professor O¿Leary has an extensive publishing record. This paper will br submitted in December 2011 for presentation at the EAA Conference in 2012.



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