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Dr. Cormac Mac Fhionnlaoich obtained his PhD from the University of Maryland. His main research is in the area of corporate finance and product market behavior and strategic managment, with a particular focus on the impact of financial distress on competitive behavior. Other research interests include corporate governance with a particular focus on ethics and values, drawing on both philosophical and theological foundations. Dr. Mac Fhionnlaoich is a receipient of a UCD Presential Research Award.

Dr. Mac Fhionnlaoich's teaching portfolio is mainly focused on graduate programmes includin the MBA and MSc programmes. His taught modules include Financial Markets and Valuation, Corporate Financial Strategy and Strategic Finance. 

Dr. Mac Fhionnlaoich has been deputy Subject Area of the Finance Group (2006-2010). He has also been a academic director the the Executive MBA programme.


Honours and Awards

Year: 1999.
Title: Presidents Research Award


Year 1984 Institution:
Qualification: BComm Subject:
Year 1997 Institution:
Qualification: PhD Subject:
Year 1985 Institution:
Qualification: MBS Subject:



Book Chapters

Gannon, M.J.,and Mac Fhionnlaoich, (2012) 'Irish Conversations pp 201-216' In: Gannon, M.J. and Rajnandinii, P (eds). Understanding Global Cultures: Metaphorical Journeys through 29 Nations, Clusters of Nations, Continents and Diversity. 5th Ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. , pp.201-216 [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Ferrier, W.J., Mac Fhionnlaoich, C., Smith, K. G, and Grimm, C. M. (2002) 'The impact of performance distress on aggressive competitive behavior: a reconciliation of conflicting views'. Managerial and Decision Economics, 23 (4-5):301-316. [Details]

Other Journals

Mac Fhionnlaoich, C (1989) 'Organized Exchanges in Small Economies: The Case of Irish Futures Trading: A Response' Review of Futures Markets . [Details]

Conference Publications

Gibbons, P. T., Mac Fhionnlaoich, C and Sharma, R. (2007) Investment Commitment: Extending the Miles and Snow Typology Irish Academy of Management, Queens University, Belfast, 2007 [Details]
Gibbons, P. T. Mac Fhionnlaoich, C. and Sharma, R. (2008) Strategy as a Pattern of Resource Allocation: A Conceptual Extension of the Miles and Snow Typology Competitive Dynamics Research Symposium, Helsinki University of Technology, Helsinki, 2008 [Details]
Gibbons, P. T., Sharkey-Scott, P., & Mac Fhionnlaoich, C. (2011) Strategic Management: A Perspective on the Development of the Field Irish Academy of Management [Details]


Research Interests

Corporate Finance and Product Market Behvior

Corporate Governance

Ethics and Values

Recent Postgraduates

Guoma Alrgibi (Ph.D. 2006), An Investigation of Stock Market Development.  (co-chair)

Current Postgraduate Students

Fiona Hickey, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)   -   Thesis Supervisor


Teaching Philosophy

Build a relationship based on mutual respect and trust. Converse, question, listen, respond. Use building blocks, assumptions and theories complemented by frameworks and applications to illustrate the essence of content being taught. Encourage students to tak ownwership of the knowledge.

Modules Coordinated

201300   FIN41220     Finance: Strategic Finance
201300   FIN40850     Finance: Strategic Finance (EMBA)
201300   FIN40400     Finance: Finance
201300   FIN40430     Finance: Strategic Finance
201300   FIN40630     Finance: Corporate Finance EMBA

Enhancement of Teaching

Review and Enhancement of Curriculum

Teaching in the area of finance is challenging in a world in which finacial markets and banking have proven to be quite volaitile. As such it has been important to engage in module renewal and enhancement. In relation to my own modules: 1. I have incorporated a focus on Ethics as part of a module, FIN 41220 on the MSc Programme. This is in respond to the very real need to challenge students in relation to their apprecition of ethical issues - moral hazard, groupthink, integrity, transparency. 2. FIN 40508 - In this elective MBA module I have adapted the course significantly to cover the major issues that arose in the fincial crisis.

Developing as a Teacher

I attend the Professsional Development Workshops at the Annual Academy of Management Meetings.

Innovation & Leadership


Internal Collaborators

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External Collaborators

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