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School Of Business
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Carysfort Avenue, Blackrock
Co. Dublin

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Ronan is Professor of Corporate Finance at the UCD Graduate School of Business. Prior positions include Professor of Finance at Dublin City University (2013-2015), and Associate Professor of Finance at the UNSW School of Business, Sydney (2001-2013). Before moving to Australia in 2001, he was a lecturer in Finance at Queen's University Belfast. He has held visiting positions at the University of Washington and City University New York. In 2014, he was appointed to the Cassells expert group on the future funding of higher education in Ireland. He holds a PhD in Finance from the University of Essex. 

Ronan has expertise in corporate finance, with an emphasis on the valuation consequences of mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, and measuring the returns to innovative investments. He has won external grant funding for his research from the Centre for International Finance and Regulation (CIFR) in Australia, and the Science Foundation Ireland (in conjunction with the Irish Research Council). He has published in leading international journals, including the Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, and the Journal of Banking and Finance. He is an Associate Editor for the Journal of Business Finance and Accounting.


Honours and Awards

Year: 2013.
Title: Postgraduate Supervisor Award for ¿Excellence' in PhD Supervision
Year: 2012.
Title: Excellence in Research Award
Year: 2005.
Title: Dean's Teaching Excellence Award
Year: 1994.
Title: PhD Conference Scholarship
Year: 1992.
Title: PhD Scholarship


Association: European Finance Association, Function/Role: Member
Association: Australian Finance and Banking Conference, Function/Role: Member; presenter; chair; discussant
Association: American Finance Association , Function/Role: Member
Association: Financial Management Association, Function/Role: Member; Selection committee


Employer: Queen's University of Belfast
Position: Lecturer in Finance
Employer: University of New South Wales
Position: Senior Lecturer in Finance
Employer: Associate Professor in Finance
Position: University of New South Wales
Employer: Professor of Finance
Position: Dublin City University


Year 1996 Institution: University of Essex
Qualification: PhD Subject:

Journals Edited

Journal Of Business Finance And Accounting: Co-Editor.



Peer Reviewed Journals

Hogan, T., McGuinness, G., Powell, R (2018) 'European trade credit use and SME survival'. Journal of Corporate Finance, 49 :81-103. Available Online [DOI] [Details]
Huang, P., Officer, M., Powell, R. (2016) 'Method of payment and risk mitigation in cross-border mergers and acquisitions'. Journal of Corporate Finance, 40 :216-234. Available Online [DOI] Link to full text [Details]
Humphery-Jenner, M; Powell, R (2014) 'Firm size, sovereign governance, and value creation: Evidence from the acquirer size effect'. Journal of Corporate Finance, 26 :57-77. Available Online [DOI] Link to full text [Details]
Powell, R; Yawson, A. (2012) 'The impact of layoffs and divestitures on firm survival'. International Review of Finance, 12 (4). Available Online [DOI] [Details]
Harford, J; Humphery-Jenner, M; Powell, R. (2012) 'The sources of value destruction in acquisitions by entrenched managers'. Journal of Financial Economics, 106 (2). Available Online [DOI] Link to full text [Details]
Humphery-Jenner, M; Powell, R. (2011) 'Firm size, takeover profitability, and the effectiveness of the market for corporate control: Does the absence of anti-takeover provisions make a difference?'. Journal of Corporate Finance, 17 (3). Available Online [DOI] Link to full text [Details]
Lee, E.; Powell, R. (2011) 'Excess cash holdings and shareholder value'. Accounting and Finance, 51 (2). Available Online [DOI] Link to full text [Details]
Forker, J; Powell, R. (2008) 'A comparison of error rates for EVA, residual income, GAAP-earnings, and other metrics using a long-window valuation approach'. European Accounting Review, 17 (3). Available Online [DOI] Link to full text [Details]
Dunne, P; Falk, H; Forker, J; Powell, R. (2008) 'The market response to information quality shocks: the case of Enron'. Applied Financial Economics, 18 (13). Available Online [DOI] Link to full text [Details]
(2007) 'Are corporate restructuring events driven by common factors? Implications for prediction studies'. Journalof Business Finance & Accounting, 34 (7&8). Available Online [DOI] Link to full text [Details]
Powell, R; Stark, A. (2005) 'Do takeovers create real gains? Some UK evidence'. Journal of Corporate Finance, 11 (1-2). Available Online [DOI] [Details]
Powell, R; Yawson, A. (2005) 'Industry aspects of takeovers and divestitures: Evidence from the UK'. Journal of Banking & Finance, 29 (12). Available Online [DOI] [Details]
Powell, R. (2004) 'Takeover prediction and portfolio strategies: A multinomial approach'. Multinational Finance Journal, . Available Online Link to full text [Details]
Powell, R. (2001) 'Takeover prediction and portfolio performance'. Journalof Business Finance & Accounting, 28 (7-8). Available Online [DOI] [Details]
Manson, S; Powell, R; Stark, A; Thomas, H. (2000) 'Identifying the sources of gains from takeovers'. Accounting Forum, 24 (4). Available Online [DOI] [Details]
Dahya, J; Powell, R. (1998) 'Ownership structure, managerial turnover and takeovers: Further UK evidence on the market for corporate control'. Multinational Finance Journal, 2 (1). Available Online Link to full text [Details]
Powell,R. (1997) 'Modelling takeover likelihood'. Journalof Business Finance & Accounting, 24 (7-8). Available Online [DOI] [Details]

Published Reports

Jarrad Harford and Ronan Powell (2015) Measuring the effectiveness of Australia's statutory-backed continuous disclosure policy on 'innovative' investment disclosures. Centre for International Finance and Regulation, Sydney, Australia. Available Online Link to full text [Details]


Research Interests

Corporate Finance, with a focus on mergers and acquisitions; corporate governance; valuation effects and drivers of innovation; capital structure; cash-holdings  

Research Projects

Sponsor : Irish Research Council (IRC)
Title : Measuring the economic returns to investment in innovation in Ireland
Start Date / End Date : 02-NOV-15 / 01-DEC-18
Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : Research Development
Start Date / End Date : 18-NOV-15 / 17-JUL-18

Recent Postgraduates

Peng Huang, PhD, UNSW 2014
Mark Humphery-Jenner, PhD, UNSW 2012
Marcela Whitehead, PhD, UNSW 2011 
Timothy Peters, MPhil, UNSW 2010 
Joseph Chia, MPhil, UNSW, 2004 
Alfred Yawson, PhD, QUB 2003



Teaching Philosophy


Enhancement of Teaching

Review and Enhancement of Curriculum

Developing as a Teacher

Innovation & Leadership


Internal Collaborators

External Collaborators

Mark Humphery-Jenner (UNSW)
Micah Officer (LMU)
Jarrad Harford (University of Washington)
Alfred Yawson (University of Adelaide)
Peng Huang (UNSW)
Andrew Stark (MBS)
Po-Hsuan Hse (Hong Kong University)
Emma Zhang (UNSW)
John Forker (University of Sussex)
Peter Dunne (Central Bank, Ireland) 

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