Maria Belizón

Lecturer/Assistant Professor

School Of Business
Blackrock East/West Hall
Carysfort Avenue, Blackrock
Co. Dublin

Tel: +353 1 7168975


María Jesús Belizón holds a PhD in Management from the University of Limerick, an MSc in International Management and Global Business from the University of Limerick and a BSc in Business Studies from Universidad Autonoma (Madrid, Spain). Her core research and teaching focuses are international HRM and industrial relations in multinational companies (MNCs), expatriation and how MNCs manage their subsidiaries across borders. Her research journey started in IESE Business School (University of Navarre) over 10 years ago and her work has been published in the Human Resource Management Journal, the European Journal of Industrial Relations, the Cross Cultural Management, Personnel Review and the Journal of Industrial Relations. She has also published a number of book chapters. In 2010, she was awarded the Kemmy Business School-Northern Trust Outstanding Scholar Award in recognition of her academic achievements as a graduate student. She is a frequent reviewer for journals such as the Human Resource Management, International Journal of Human Resource Management and the Asian Pacific Journal of Human Resource Management. She has also garnered considerable teaching experience, largely at Masters level in the domain of International Human Resource Management. For the past two academic years, she has served as the head of Teaching & Learning for her subject area.


Honours and Awards

Year: 2010.
Title: Outstanding Scholar Award


Association: CERCnet. Comparative Employment Research Collaborative Network, Function/Role: Member
Association: Irish Academy of Management, Function/Role: Member
Association: Spanish-Irish Business Network, Function/Role: Member


Year 2018 Institution: UCD
Qualification: Professional Diploma in University Teaching and Learning Subject: Teaching and Learning in Third Level Education
Year 2015 Institution: University of Limerick
Qualification: PhD Subject: Management
Year 2011 Institution: University of Limerick
Qualification: MSc(Mangt) Subject:
Year 2007 Institution: Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
Qualification: BSc(Mangt) Subject:

Journals Edited

Journal Of World Business: Reviewer.
Human Resource Management Journal: Reviewer.
Human Resource Management: Reviewer.
International Journal Of Human Resource Management: Reviewer.

Other Activities

Reviewer for the Academy Of Management Annual Meeting
SPSS & AMOS (including some programming in SPSS language).
Stata Fundamentals & Data Management, Timberlake Consultants, Cass Business School, UK (Dec 2015). 



Book Chapters

Belizón, M.J. (2018) 'Multinationals as Employment Relations Actors' In: Adrian Wilkinson, Tony Dundon, Jimmy Donaghey and Alex Colvin (eds). The Routledge Companion to Employment Relations. London: Routledge. [Details]
Quintanilla, J.; Belizón, M. J.; Susaeta, L. and Sánchez-Mangas, R. (2009) 'Human Resource Development' In: Hansen, C. and Yih-teen, L (eds). Malleability in Spain: The Influence of US HRD Models. London: Palgrave Macmillan. [Details]
Susaeta, L., Belizón, M.J. and Almond, P. (2012) 'Multinacionales Españolas y Extranjeras en Espana' In: Martínez-Lucio, M., González, M. and Gutiérrez, A (eds). Organización Estratégica de Recursos Humanos. Madrid: Thomson-Civitas. [Details]
Klarsfeld, A.; Combs, G. M.; Susaeta, L. and Belizón, M.J. (2012) 'International Perspectives on Diversity and Equal Treatment Policies and Practices' In: Brewster, C.J. and Mayrhofer, W (eds). Handbook of Research on Comparative Human Resource Management. Oxon: Edward Elgar Publishing. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Belizón, M.J. (2018) 'Employee voice in multinationals located in Spain'. European Journal of Industrial Relations, . [Details]
Belizón, M.J. (2018) 'Guillén, M. F. (2015) The Architecture of Collapse: The Global System in the 21st Century. Oxford University Press, ISBN 978-0-19176-326-7'. Journal of International Management, . [DOI] [Details]
Belizón, M.J., Morley, M. and Gunnigle, P. (2016) 'Modes of integration of human resource management practices in multinationals'. Personnel Review, 45 (3):539-556. [Details]
Gunnigle, P., Pulignano, V. Edwards, T., Belizón, M.J., Navrbjerg, S., Olsen, K. and Susaeta, L (2015) 'Advancing Understanding on Industrial Relations in Multinational Companies: Key Research Challenges and the INTREPID contribution'. The Journal of Industrial Relations, 57 (2):146-165. [Details]
Belizón, M.J., Gunnigle, P., Morley, M. and Lavelle, J. (2014) 'Subsidiary autonomy over industrial relations in Ireland and Spain'. European Journal of Industrial Relations, 20 (3):237-254. [Details]
Belizón, M.J., Gunnigle, P. and Morley, M. (2013) 'Determinants of central control and subsidiary autonomy in HRM: the case of foreign-owned multinational companies in Spain'. Human Resource Management Journal, 23 (3):262-278. [Details]
Susaeta, L., Pin, J.R., Idrovo, S., Belizón, M.J., Espejo, A., Avila, E. and Aguirre, M. (2013) 'Generation or culture? Work attitude drivers: An analysis in Latin American and Iberian countries'. Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal, 20 (3):321-360. [Details]

Conference Publications

Belizón, M.J., Morley, M. and Gunnigle, P. (2016) Revisiting 'global integration without expatriates': evidence from Ireland and Spain Irish Academy of Management Dublin, [Details]
Belizón, M.J. and Susaeta, L. (2014) Human resource management in multinational companies in Latin-America: the state of the HR function and its strategic role Academy of Management Annual Meeting Philadelphia, PA, [Details]
Belizón, M. J., Gunnigle, P., Lavelle, J. and Morley, M. (2011) The type of the HR practice and subsidiary autonomy: a deeper study of the international HR structures 14th Annual Irish Academy of Management Conference National College of Ireland, [Details]
Susaeta, L and Belizón, M.J. (2010) Determining factors in the transfer of the workforce Diversity policy (WDP): An analysis of the foreign subsidiaries in Spain INTREPID / ILRR - Cornell Workshop Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, [Details]
Susaeta, L. and Belizón, M.J. (2010) A model to explain the transfer of workforce diversity policy: A case from foreign subsidiaries in Spain Symposium: International Human Resource Management in Hybrid Cultural Environments, Academy of Management Annual Meeting [Details]
Quintanilla, J., Susaeta, L., Belizón, M.J. and Sanchez-Mangas, R. (2008) Multinationals, Nation States and Global Value Chains: Comparative Perspectives The LRC's Symposium on Human Resource Management in Multinational Companies (MNCs) Croke Park Conference Centre, Dublin (Ireland), [Details]
Belizón, M.J., Morley, M. and Gunnigle, P. (2014) The determinants of expatriation within multinational companies: evidence from Ireland and Spain IX International Workshop on HRM Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla, Spain, [Details]

Published Reports

Quintanilla, J., Sánchez-Mangas, R., Susaeta, L., and Belizón, M.J. (2010) Políticas y prácticas de recursos humanos en el contexto organizativo de la empresa multinacional. Un análisis comparativo internacional. IESE Publishing, Madrid. [Details]

Website article

Belizón, M.J. (2017) Ryanair's problem is not pay, it's the working conditions they offer. Website article Available Online [Details]


Quintanilla, J., Susaeta, L., Belizón, M.J. and Sanchez-Mangas, R. (2008) Multinacionales en España: cuántas son, de dónde vienen, a qué se dedican. Madrid: Bulletin [Details]


Research Interests

- International Human Resource Management.

- Comparative industrial relations. 

- International Integration in Multinational Companies. 

- Use of HR Data Analytics and AI in HRM. 
- Gender differences in International Mobility.  

Research Projects

Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : OBRSS Research Support Scheme
Start Date / End Date : 01-NOV-16 / 31-OCT-19


Teaching Philosophy

Making root-cause analysis, critical thinking and a multi-stakeholder approach the key components to managing people in global organisations.

Modules Coordinated

201700   HRM30100     Human Resources Management: Foundations in Inter'l HRM
201700   HRM30070     Human Resources Management: International HRM (Project)



External Collaborators

Prof. Patrick Gunnigle, Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick (Ireland)
Prof. Michael Morley, Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick (Ireland)
Dr. Jonathan Lavelle, Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick (Ireland)
Prof. Phil Almond, De Monfort University, United Kingdom 
Prof. Marta Elvira, IESE Business School, University of Navarre (Spain)
Prof. Jose Ramon Pin, IESE Business School, University of Navarre (Spain)
Dr. Lourdes Susaeta, ISEM Fashion Business School, University of Navarre (Spain)  

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