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Eleanor O'Higgins (BA, MSc, MBA, PhD) is Adjunct Associate Professor at the College of Business at UCD and is an Associate at the London School of Economics and Political Science. She specialises in teaching, research and publications on business ethics, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and strategic and public management.

She is the author of numerous papers in academic and professional journals, newspaper articles, book chapters and case studies. She has received a number of international awards for peer reviewed articles on business ethics and governance. Her case studies and research work on the airline industry and on Ryanair have also received prestigious international awards.

Dr O'Higgins serves on the editorial boards of several international management, ethics and corporate governance journals. Dr O'Higgins carries out a range of national and international teaching and speaking assignments. She is a member of the Business Ethics and of the Public Management & Governance interfaculty groups of the Community of European Management Schools (CEMS). She has held a range of leadership positions in the US Academy of Management, including chairing the Ethics Committee and the International Theme Committee. 

Dr O'Higgins is on the board of St. James¿s Hospital and she is a member of the Judicial Appointments Advisory Board and of the Dental Council. Previously she served on the Press Council of Ireland; and a member of the Irish Business and Employers Confederation (IBEC) Sustainable Enterprise Group. She has served on the board of directors of IDA Ireland and as a member of its Audit and of its Management Development & Remuneration Committees, and on the board of The Marine Institute, where she also served on the Audit Committee. She has also served as a director of Transparency International Ireland and of the Well Woman Group of health clinics.

In addition to her membership and chairmanship of various boards and working committees, her practical experience includes her earlier managerial career and her consulting work on strategy, board effectiveness, corporate governance, ethics and corporate social responsibilities. Previously, she worked as staff development manager at RTE, and prior to that, as a clinical psychologist in the Irish health services and as a research psychologist at Harvard University Medical School.



Book Chapters

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Peer Reviewed Journals

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Other Journals

O'Higgins, E (2014) 'Ethics and dentistry' Journal of the Irish Dental Association . [Details]
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Conference Publications

Brennan, Niamh, MacCanna, Leo, and O'Higgins, Eleanor; (1998) National Networks of Corporate Power: An Irish Perspective 11th Annual Conference of the Irish Accounting and Finance Association Conference University of Ulster at Coleraine, , 08-APR-98 - 09-APR-98 [Details]
Brugha, C. and O'Higgins, E.; (1997) Creativity and Learning: Individuals in Organisations The Fifth European Congress of Psychology Dublin, [Details]

Book Reviews

O'Higgins, E (2001) Senior female international managers: Why so few?. Book Reviews [Details]
O'Higgins, E (1999) Managing like a man: Women and men in corporate management. Book Reviews [Details]

Research Papers

Brugha, C. and O'Higgins, E. and Weigel, J.; (1997) Three Approaches To Evaluating The Performance Of Companies. Research Papers [Details]

Published Case Studies

O'Higgins, E.R.E.; (2011) Ryanair - The Low Fares Airline- Whither Now?. Published Case Studies [Details]
O'Higgins, E.R.E.; (2005) Ryanair - The Low Fares Airline (B). Published Case Studies [Details]
Vercesi, M.P.; (2004) Jordan Formula One At Heartbeat Speed. Published Case Studies [Details]
Ravi Puranik; (2002) The Housing Development Finance Corporation (India). Published Case Studies [Details]
unknown; (2002) Spedpol Case Study: Ethical Principles: A Tool for Empowerment. Published Case Studies [Details]
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Duggan, S.; (2001) A Note on the Luxury Goods Industry. Published Case Studies [Details]
O'Higgins, E.R.E.; (1999) Ryanair - The Low Fares Airline. Published Case Studies [Details]


Research Interests

Business Ethics

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Governance

Strategic Management


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