William Rose

Lecturer/Assistant Professor

School Of Business
Graduate School of Business
Carysfort Avenue, Blackrock
Co. Dublin

Tel: +353 1 7168863
Email: william.rose@ucd.ie


Bill Rose holds a BA in English Literature, an MS in Higher Education, and an MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from the University of North Texas. He recently completed his PhD in Supply Chain Management at the University of Tennessee (Tennessee, U.S.A.). During his time at Tennessee, Bill taught classes in logistics, supply chain management, and business analytics.

Bill's main research interests focus on urban logistics and analytical methods, including agent-based simulation modeling and metaheuristics. Currently, he is exploring the differences between urban systems, how firms tailor their logistics strategies to unique urban area characteristics, and how to integrate these characteristics into decision making tools. To aid this research, Bill has built relationships with multiple American logistics service providers and retailers.

Bill has published research exploring the definition of supply chain integration and its connection to performance in the Journal of Business Logistics as well as an examination of urban area stakeholders and their interaction with logistics operations in the International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management. Prior to his PhD program at the University of Tennessee, Bill worked with the Housing and Residence Life Department at the University of North Texas.




Association: Decision Sciences Institute, Function/Role: Member
Association: Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, Function/Role: Member

Conference Contributions

Rose, W. J. (2013) Warehousing and Distribution in an Urbanizing World. [Invited Oral Presentation], Warehousing Education and Research Council Annual Conference, Dallas, TX , 28-APR-15 - 01-MAY-15.
Rose, W. J. and Autry, C. W. (2015) [Invited Oral Presentation], University of Tennessee Supply Chain Forums, Knoxville, TN, USA , 07-APR-15 - 09-APR-15.
Rose, W. J. (2015) Urban Logistics: Supply Chain Excellence in Highly Congested Urban Areas. [Invited Oral Presentation], Warehousing Education and Research Council Annual Conference, Tampa, FL, USA , 03-MAY-15 - 06-MAY-15.
Rose, W. J.; Bell, J. E.; Griffis, S. E. (2016) Algorithms for Vehicle Routing Problems Under Urban Traffic and Uncertainty Conditions. [Refereed Abstracts], 2016 Council of Supply Chain Management Educator's Conference, Orlando, Florida, US , 25-SEP-16 - 28-SEP-16.
William J. Rose and Chad W. Autry (2016) The Impace of Social Norm Violations on Urban Logistics and Urban System Outcomes. [Refereed Abstracts], 2016 Logistics Research Network Annual Conference, Hull, England , 07-SEP-16 - 09-SEP-16.
William J Rose (2017) Innovations in Urban Logistics: Impacts on Supply Chain and Society. [Invited Oral Presentation], End2End Supply Chain Conference 2017, Dublin, Ireland , 22-JUN-17 - 22-JUN-17.



Book Chapters

Autry, C. W., Eckerd, S. A., and Rose, W. J. (2016) 'External Barriers to Supply Chain Integration' In: Autry, C. W., and Moon, M. A (eds). Supply Chain Integration: A Final Frontier of Competitive Advantage. Hoboken, NJ, USA: Pearson. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Autry, C. W., Rose, W. J., and Bell, J. E. (2014) 'Reconsidering the Supply Chain Integration - Performance Relationship: In Search of Theoretical Consistency and Clarity'. Journal of Business Logistics, 35 (3):275-276. [Details]
Rose, W. J., Bell, J. E., Autry, C. W., and Mollenkopf, D. A. (2016) 'Exploring Value Creation for Urban Logistics Providers: A Grounded Theory Approach'. International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, 46 (2):153-176. [Details]
Castillo, V; Bell, J; Rose, W; Rodrigues, A (2017) 'Crowdsourcing Last Mile Delivery: Strategic Implications and Future Research Directions'. Journal of Business Logistics, . [Details]
Rose, W; Bell, J; Autry, C; Cherry, C (2017) 'Urban Logistics: Establishing Key Concepts and Building a Conceptual Framework for Future Research'. Transportation Journal, 56 (4). [Details]

Conference Publications

Rose, W. J., Ojha, D., and Rogers, P. (2011) Optimizing Risk Prioritization in Supply Chains Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute [Details]
Rose, W. J., Bell, J. E., and Holcomb, M. C. (2013) A Simplified Teaching Approach for Inventory Order Sizing: Adjusting for High Order Costs and Lead Times Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute [Details]
Rose, W. J., Autry, C. W., and Bell, J. E. (2014) Tailoring Urban Logistics Strategies to Location-Specific Characteristics: An Agent-Based Simulation Approach Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute [Details]
Castillo, V. E., Rose, W. J., and Bell, J. E. (2015) Modelling crowd-sourced logistics Decision Sciences Institute Annual Meeting [Details]

Published Reports

Rose, W. J. (2012) The World is Urbanising. Is Your Logistical System Ready?. Warehousing Education and Research Council, Chicago. [Details]

Invited Seminars

Rose, W. J. and Bell, J. E. (2014) Real World Practical Influences on Vehicle Routing and Urban Delivery (Southeastern Transportation Seminar Series). Invited Seminars [Details]



Modules Coordinated

201700   BMGT44780     Business Management: Business Logistics
201700   BMGT20150     Business Management: Global Operations & SCM

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