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Alireza Keshavarz is a Lecturer in Marketing at the Smurfit Business Schools. He holds a Ph.D. in Marketing and Management from HEC, Paris and M.Sc. in Industrial Management and Engineering from Chalmers University, Sweden. His research investigates the competitive effects of sales force compensation and sales force mobility. His research interest broadly lies in strategic marketing, strategic sales force management, and technology marketing and entrepreneurial ventures. Alireza is currently a member of AMA, EMAC, CNRS Lab GREG-HEC and Labex ECODEC. He has been awarded the laboratory of excellence in economics and decision science¿s (Labex ECODEC) fellowship for his research for two consecutive years (2013-2014). His research has been presented at, and published in the proceedings of several conferences in marketing, sales and strategy, including AMA, Marketing Science, EMAC and SMS. Currently, he teaches sales management, and customer driven marketing in M.Sc. and MBA programs.



Conference Contributions

Keshavarz, Alireza (2013) Career History as a Determinant of Pay Level and Pay Structure of Sales Managers. [Refereed Abstracts], INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, Istanbul , 11-JUL-13 - 13-JUL-14.
Keshavarz, Alireza; Rouziès, Dominique; Quelin, Bertrand (2014) Labor Markets, Compensation Structure, and Turnover of Sales Forces. [Refereed Abstracts], AMA Summer Educators¿ Conference, San Francisco , 01-AUG-14 - 03-AUG-14.
Keshavarz, Alireza; Kramarz, Francis; Rouzies, Dominique; Quelin, Bertrand (2014) How Do Sales Organizations Value Job, Firm or Industry Experience? An Examination of Sales Career Paths. [Refereed Abstracts], INFORMS Marketing Science Annual Conference, Atlanta , 12-JUN-14 - 14-JUN-14.
Keshavarz, Alireza; Rouzies, Dominique (2015) How Do Firms Value Their Sales Organizations?. [Other], Academy of Marketing Science, Bari, Italy , 14-JUL-15 - 18-JUL-14.



Conference Publications

Keshavarz, Alireza (2013) Isolating General Human Capital from Competitors: The Effect of Occupational Concentration and Pay Dispersion SMS 33rd Annual International Conference [Details]
Keshavarz, Alireza; Kramarz, Francis; Rouziès, Dominique; Segalla, Michael; Quelin, Bertrand (2014) Career Strategies in Sales Organizations The Thought Leadership On The Sales Profession Conference [Details]
Keshavarz, Alireza (2014) Dysfunctional Sales Force Turnover: The Effect of Occupational Concentration and Pay Dispersion European Marketing Academy [Details]


Research Interests

Strategic Marketing
Technology Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Strategic Sales Force Management
Sales Force Incentives and Compensation



Modules Coordinated

201500   MKT42000     Marketing: Sales Management
201500   MKT42060     Marketing: Customer Driven Mkg Food Indus
201500   MKT40500     Marketing: Managing Sales Relations



External Collaborators

Dominique Rouzies
Professor of Marketing
EDF Chair of Marketing
HEC School of Management

Bertrand Quelin
Professor of Management
Head, Strategy and Business Policy
HEC School of Management

Francis Kramarz
Professor of Economics 
Director of Crest 
ENSAE, Ecole Polytechnique 

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