Peadar O’Scolai

Peadar O’Scolai

PhD Thesis Title: The politics of identity and materiality in Health Information System Innovation.

Supervisor: Dr. Seamas Kelly

External Examiner: Professor Sundeep Sahay, University of Oslo


Peadar’s thesis develops a conceptual synthesis between the politics of identity and materiality is Health Information System-enabled change.  The application of his conceptual innovation develops our understanding of the role of accountability discourses in processes of aligning new technologies.  In particular, his empirical work develops the idea of a reconciliation of the self in order to accommodate identity ambiguity that arises when roles and responsibilities are reconfigured during the introduction of new technologies.  Peadar goes on to develop a more sophisticated appreciation of how the materiality of technology mediation is implicated in evoking and/or sustaining distinctive trajectories of human/technology participation.

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