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Course Overview

Designed and led by negotiation expert Stephen Boyle, this three-day programme will give you the tools and skills needed to defend your interests and attain your goals in negotiation.
It provides strategies for achieving better outcomes and even the most experienced negotiators will enhance their negotiation skills by adopting a comprehensive framework of negotiation strategies, expanding their repertoire of tactics, and reflecting on their style, strengths and weaknesses.

The programme combines action learning, practical insights, and leading-edge theoretical concepts. A strong emphasis is placed on skill development and practice through the use of role-play and diagnostic reflection.

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Duration: 3 consecutive days
Next Intake: 11th - 13th October 2017
Cost: €2,000
Accredited: Certificate of Completion
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Key Benefits

At the conclusion of this short course, you will gain greater effectiveness and confidence at the negotiating table, particularly when confronting challenges such as hard bargainers.

During this intensive course, you will learn to:

  • Craft deals that create maximum value for all parties on a sustainable basis;
  • Productively manage the tension between creating value jointly and claiming value individually;
  • Effectively handle complexities, dealing with multiple parties, issues and agendas and negotiating around evolving time frames;
  • Apply clear principles for internal negotiations and the management of conflict within and between organisational teams and divisions;
  • Manage emotions and people-related problems in negotiations and conflict situations.


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