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What will I learn?

The UCD CEMS MIM course provides a direct bridge between the academic and corporate worlds, combining the top-level academic theory of leading academics from the member schools and in-the-field expertise of corporate partners of the CEMS alliance. For more information about the CEMS alliance and partners, please visit

This course provides the graduate with:

The academic knowledge and practical skills required to operate within global businesses and multinational teams.

A vision of responsible business decision-making, leadership and global citizenship that is informed by ethical reasoning, personal integrity and respect for social diversity.

An awareness of different cultures, schools of thought and ways of doing business, via a semester spent abroad in a CEMS member school, an international internship and constant interaction with the corporate world during the course via the CEMS Business Project, Skill Seminars and other corporate events.

How will I benefit?

The CEMS network and curriculum provide students with an array of personal, academic and recruitment opportunities that very few students of other Masters in Management courses enjoy, including:

  1. A rare opportunity to learn about and practice responsible management from top academics, business professionals and NGOs, via a multi-part curriculum that promotes personal development.
  2. A globally-recognised degree, rated amongst the top in the world by the Financial Times and highly regarded by companies such as Google, Kerry Group, Microsoft, McKinsey, L’Oréal, P&G and
  3. Exposure to a vast, global network of schools, companies, NGOs, students and alumni, offering an exceptional international learning experience and the ultimate launch-pad to an exciting career.


This multi-facetted course comprises an introductory block seminar, two CEMS core modules, plus a number of option modules across a range of areas. Option modules enable students to deepen their knowledge in a specific domain or acquire a broad set of competencies. Other requirements comprise a business project, skills seminars, a ten-week international internship and the Business Research Insights Paper as part of the course.


 Semester Modules
Semester 1Semester 2Summer Term

Core module

  • International Business Strategy

Module options

  • Two choices from a range of exclusive and elective modules across a range of different disciplines
  • As well as the modules there are skills seminars, company visits and talks, and Business Communications Skills

Core module

  • Global Leadership

Module options

  • Business Project
  • Choice of a range of elective modules across different disciplines
  • As well as the modules there are skills seminars, company visits and talks, and the Responsible Global Leadership seminar

Core modules

NOTE: Semester 1 and Semester 2 curriculum for CEMS students depends on where the first semester is spent so core subjects will vary for students. Please contact a member of the admissions team for more information on this specialised programme.

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