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What will I learn?

The course achieves the ideal balance between financial and computational theory and methodology, thereby enabling graduates to critically analyse and develop financial decision-making and risk management tools but also understand specific quantitative models and strategies applied in financial markets.

Acquisition of the theoretical, analytical and practical skills needed to manage portfolios of equity, fixed income and derivative securities and develop the tools for managing corporate financial risk.

Assimilation of implementation methods for financial models using various programming languages and the application of critical evaluation techniques to the performance of models.

The ability to carry out independent research on the uses of financial models, their implementation and their limitations.

How will I benefit?

The course not only attracts graduates from a number of different backgrounds but can also be tailored to a wide variety of academic and professional objectives, providing an enviable array of career options upon graduation.

  1. A truly specialist preparation for a future career within the finance industry, in a variety of functions including fund management, investment banking, financial engineering and corporate treasury management.
  2. Exemption from Professional Risk Managers certification examinations (Level I and II exams), the global standard for the world's top financial risk professionals.
  3. In the summer term, students can choose from certain summer term modules, or a research project, or in a number of cases, from a limited number of possible internships. With any possible internship opportunity, students may have to go through a competitive process, including potential interviews. The last number of years two thirds of our students acquired internship placements for the summer semester.


The 11-month, full-time course covers a broad range of disciplines and skill sets, whilst the personal and professional development of each student is achieved through a defined series of actions and events.

Semester 1Semester 2Summer Term

Pathway A: Taught modules (choose 2 from the list below)

Pathway BApplied Investment Management (Internship)

Pathway CResearch Project


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