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What will I learn?

The MSc in Digital Innovation addresses technology-centric transformation in business and society. The careful balance of theory and practice within the course prepares graduates to enter the world of digital innovation or, in the case of professionals, progress further in their career. The programme offers:

 Leadership skills regarding the strategic application of IT for digital innovation as well as business skills such as process redesign, change management, global sourcing and process modelling.

The capacity to create and critically assess the business case for ICT deployment

 In-depth knowledge and managerial insights into systems development methodologies and processes.

How will I benefit?

Our students are taught by internationally recognized researchers and engage directly with the technology companies that have made Dublin the Digital Hub of Europe. Our graduates emerge as insightful, reflective and critically minded individuals with a unique understanding of the discovery, development, diffusion, and impact of digital product, process, and business model innovations.

  1. Direct engagement with the companies that have make Dublin the Digital Hub of Europe
  2. A distinct head-start in the marketplace due to the unique combination of strategic, practical and analytical elements in the course
  3. Essential interpersonal, communication and leadership skills via group and case study-based learning, presentations and simulation exercises


The one-year full-time and two-year part-time formats of this course comprise core modules and option modules. Students complete 9 modules, or 6 modules plus a 30-credit minor thesis developed over two semesters, if accepted with the agreement of a research supervisor. Part-time students take 30 credits on average every two semesters.

Classes listed below are indicative and are offered subject to faculty availability.

Semester 1

Semester 2

Summer Term


option over 2 semesters


option modules

non-MIS option modules

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