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What will I learn?

The careful balance of theory and practice within the course is designed to help active professionals make further strides in their career and the Digital Marketing industry.

Analytical insight into the role of digital marketing in business and its current contribution to boosting effectiveness and efficiency within companies.

The vital operational skills needed to successfully implement online advertising campaigns, social media marketing, e-CRM and web data analysis.

The necessary balance of conceptual understanding and hands-on skills to make professionals of the course highly sought after by potential recruiters.

How will I benefit?

Successful completion of the course will equip professionals with the strategic know-how to analyse digital marketing practices as well as the operational skills to implement their own solutions.

  1. A distinct advantage in the marketplace due to the combination of strategic, practical and analytical aspects to the course content.
  2. A wide range of career opportunities within the industry, including marketing management, advertising and design, online business management, market research and PR.
  3. Graduates from the course come from and/or go and work for digital enterprises (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), digital advertising agencies (SimplyZesty) as well as other industries (Bank of Ireland, Ryanair).


This two-year part-time format course comprises core modules and optional modules (4 + 3), as well as an applied, market-relevant project in the final summer term.

The close association between UCD Smurfit School in Dublin and the world’s leading digital marketing companies’ offers students and professionals on the course a great opportunity to gain experience from the best in the industry.

Semester Modules - Year 1
Semester 1Semester 2Summer Term

+ 3 option modules to be taken over the course of your 2 year programme

2 option modules

 1 option modules


Semester Modules - Year 2
Semester 1Semester 2Summer Term

+ 3 option modules to be taken over the course of your 2 year programme

+ 1 option module


+ 1 option module

Note: option modules listed are indicative of what has been delivered in previous years. What is offered each academic year is subject to change.

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