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What will I learn?

Innovation and entrepreneurship are the drivers of economic growth and are now seen as critical competencies for firms operating in competitive markets.  Participants will learn the theory and practice of innovation and entrepreneurship that will enable them to lead in this important and growing area.

Competencies in creating and leading teams that can design and develop successful new lines of business inside current firms and new stand-alone ventures

Knowledge and application of the repeatable processes that can be employed to identify, develop and validate new business ideas

A comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurial logic, business model design, and a design thinking approach to new product and service creation in knowledge-based businesses.

How will I benefit?

Those who complete the course will develop:

  1. An ability to analyse and evaluate consumer needs, and design and lead new business development teams and processes to deliver knowledge-based solutions into the marketplace.
  2. An analytical perspective on the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in serving the needs of society and in the creation and sustainability of modern businesses.
  3. Practical skills in identifying and creating new business opportunities that are appropriate for a firm or founding team, and the markets they wish to serve.


Delivered part-time over 2 years with twice-weekly evening classes, this programme involves an academic component—with 7 taught modules (including 2 option modules) and a major paper—and a practical component involving a 20-month practicum where students create actual new ventures or new lines of business inside existing firms.


Year 1

Semester 1 Semester 2Summer term

+ 1 option module

Options vary from year to year


Year 2

Semester 1Semester 2 Summer term 

+ 1 option module from 6 options that vary from year to year

+ 1 option module from 6 options that vary from year to year

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