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What will I learn?

Students will learn about management of projects via real-life examples, as well as having the opportunity to develop and test their own knowledge and skills via a wide variety of projects.

A blend of concrete skills, theoretical grounding, and best practices designed to train students for effective planning, organisation, and execution in the project context.

A thorough acquisition of essential interpersonal, leadership, stakeholder management, and problem-solving skills via group and case based learning, presentations, simulation exercises, and real-life projects to deliver services and products.

The acquisition and development of vital presentational, communication, and reporting skills and analytical techniques.

How will I benefit?

The curriculum has been devised to either kick-start graduates at the beginning of their career or accelerate the trajectory of those already working in practice.


The curriculum is built around a theoretical and practical grounding in management of projects and is taught via a cluster of core modules and a Major project.

The course content and teaching approach draws upon for example the Project Management Institute (PMI) Body of Knowledge.

Year 1

Semester 1Semester 2 


Year 2

Semester 1Semester 2Summer Term

Note: option modules listed are indicative of what has been delivered in previous years. What is offered each academic year is subject to change.

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