Participant Feedback - University College Dublin 2022

Milena Tekeste, London School of Economics

I thoroughly enjoyed the training week at UCD. It was by far the best training I have attended since starting my academic career. The cohort was from many different universities and it was interesting to meet people from all over Ireland, UK and Europe. We got on really well as a cohort and spent most evenings together either going out for dinner or visiting the city centre. This was really helpful as the class sessions were intense, especially at the very beginning (Days 1-3). I spoke to my colleagues about the training today and mentioned how useful this is not only for doctoral students but ECRs. It really provides a fundamental understanding on how we can transform our research into research papers.

Tríona Bartholin, South East Technological University

I really enjoyed the opportunity to interact with a diverse range of students, hearing their opinions and perspectives on the workshop material was very stimulating from a learning perspective. I also really enjoyed the diversity, quality and content of the reading materials. The volume of reading is significant, this course is not for everyone, however this was well flagged in advance. I think you have to be prepared to be submerged in advance and for the week in the literature, understanding that a significant portion of learning is going to come from the articles. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am very grateful to have had the opportunity to attend it.

Aideen MacMahon, University College Dublin

Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in this workshop. It was amazing to be part of such a multinational group. Sarosh is an amazing academic and very generous with sharing his expertise and experience. The workload was onerous, but very much worth the advance effort. I'd do it again and I think I'd gain as much. It was such an immersive experience with a great bunch of people that I really missed it when it was over - but I got back to my desk with renewed enthusiasm.

Sunwoo Nam, London School of Economics

I really enjoyed the workshop. I enjoyed meeting new scholars from different schools, learning practical process and tips for publishing in famous journal.

Lyle Odendaal, Sheffield University

I enjoyed the whole workshop experience, it was good to have benefitted from the experience Sarosh imparted to us. It was good that we started from the basics of publishing and writing at the appropriate level and for the appropriate journal. It was also good that we took the course with people who were relatively at the same point in their career. The learning materials were fine and easily accessible. The debates were good and it is good that we all got an opportunity to share our thoughts and present a critique of a paper. The classroom and facilities were good as well. The accommodation was also good, it is good that were all in the building as we could more easily meet up. The evening events were outstanding and the meal and restaurant were good. I really enjoyed my time in Dublin and I think it was managed really well. The hospitality has been amazing and I would whole-heartedly recommend the Doctoral Workshop.


Claudia Peroni, Trinity College Dublin

Despite coming from a different field (sociology) I found it extremely helpful. My main takeaway from this experience is an enhanced confidence in the fact that my (qualitative) research is valid, has dignity, can be rigorous and relevant at the same time. As I mentioned to Sarosh as well, sometimes qualitative researchers (especially early career) get the impression that academia does not really value their contribution because it is not based on the post-positivist quantitative model. Thanks to Sarosh's expertise and mentorship, I am now much more secure and motivated. The workshop was quite intense in terms of time and concentration required, especially being at the end of the academic year, but the round-table model made it less taxing.

Zuzanna Staniszewska, Kozminski University

I really enjoyed being able to look at academic work through the prism of quality and productivity. Sarosh shared his diverse experience and his passion. I really liked the fact that we had to read classic articles as well as new ones. It gave us a broad view. We discussed many topics from various perspectives. I enjoyed the exchange of opinions between the participants and the discussions with the Sarosh. He responded to each question, no one was left unanswered. In addition, we had the opportunity to talk with each other outside the classes, where we shared our experiences. I definitely benefited from this workshop.






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