ICON plc is a global provider of outsourced drug development services to biopharma, medical device, government, biosimilar and generic organisations. ICON plc offers a full range of clinical, consulting and commercial services that range from trial design to full study execution, and from clinical to post-market commercialisation. Supported by in-depth therapeutic and regulatory expertise and market-leading technology and analytics, ICON plc are the only full service CRO that offers the knowledge, software and systems for adaptive trials.

Development of global leadership and talent is a fundamental tenet of their strategic direction and in this regard ICON plc first approached UCD Smurfit Graduate Business School in mid-2012 to discuss the development of the ICON Business Academy. In a joint venture with the UCD Smurfit Graduate Business School, the ICON Business Academy was formally launched in 2013 with the offer of specifically designed programmes for ICON plc staff:

“Investment in leadership and talent is a key strategic initiative for ICON. Our partnership with UCD is enabling us to develop tailored programmes that will further enhance the leadership and people management skills within ICON. As our market evolves, these skills will be increasingly important and will help us to continue to deliver excellence in customer service.”

Joe Cronin, Executive Vice President, Group Human Resources, ICON plc.

Targeted at ICON plc senior leaders and tailored to the business, the Certificate in International Business Management was designed to develop and sustain the collective leadership ability at ICON plc to increase business performance. On completion of the programme, senior leaders operating in global markets had the necessary skills to manage and motivate teams across international boundaries and promote a culture of innovation, thus enabling them to deliver excellence in execution, exceed expectations and enhance relationships with ICON plc customers. Between 2013 and 2016 over 400 senior leaders completed the Certificate Programme in over 20 cohorts.

In 2017, ICON plc are developing and expanding on their approach to building their leadership strength in order to build the capability required to support the future growth and sustainability of ICON plc. In this regard, the ICON Leadership Academy has been developed to build excellent leaders that are commercially and strategically focussed. Following the success of the Certificate Programme, ICON plc have once again teamed with UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School to develop two new programmes which will be rolled out in Autumn 2017:

Senior Leadership Programme 

Building on the learnings gathered from four years of delivering the Certificate Programme, this programme will focus on developing leadership and is designed to develop the capability of senior leaders in ICON plc to engage effectively with both customers and team members. The focus of the programme is to develop participants’ personal leadership style to enhance their performance at ICON plc.

High Potential Strategy Programme

This intense taught programme has been developed to enhance the capability of top talent in executing strategic plans that will drive business growth and revenue and will focus on the external market, customer analysis and customer engagement.

UCD Smurfit Graduate Business School will continue to work with ICON into the future, further developing and rolling out specifically developed, tailor made programmes to develop commercially minded, strategically focussed leaders within ICON plc.

Alison Monaghan

Alison Monaghan

Head of Business Development (Customised)

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