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Accelerating Leaders Ability to Lead - Programme Features

This programme is a modular offering designed to provide a rapid and concentrated input to the toolkit of senior leaders and the organisations that sponsor them. 

• Actionable insights for leaders and their organisations and the acceleration of sustainability within their organisation.

• Pre-programme online sessions, curated to develop participants’ technical understanding of sustainability and regulatory policies. 

• Three in-person residential modules of three days in duration delivered in Dublin.

• Discussion and analysis of sustainability and food specific industry examples and case studies with thought leaders in sustainability.

• Live case study visit to a company managing similar challenges in an adjacent sector.

• Peer-to-peer learning through immersive discussions with fellow participants and alumni. 

• Executive exchange with global industry thought leaders. 

Questions for Organisations

1. Has your organisation embedded sustainability in all functions of the business, and reflected them in the KPIs of the Executive Board?

2. Does your board and executive team have a comprehensive understanding of the range of changes sustainability currently presents and how these are evolving?

3. Does your organisation have an effective plan and toolkit to respond to the opportunities and challenges within the food, drink and horticulture industry?

4. Is your organisation having the right conversations about the future of food, drink and horticulture?

5. Are you confident that your organisation’s product and service portfolio has been reallocated to take advantage of the opportunities of sustainability?

Questions for Leaders

1. Have you accelerated your understanding of sustainability?

2. Are you a confident communicator of sustainability on behalf of your organisation?

3. Could you support the sustainability achievements and ambitions of your organisation to peers, customers and other stakeholders?

4. Do you understand what information is and should be available about sustainability in your organisation?

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