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Course Content and Daily Breakdown

• Profile your stakeholders to achieve results
• Create a message to engage and inspire your audience to action
• Develop your personal style for effect and influence
• Enhance posture in virtual or face to face situations
• How body language can impinge and affect your influence
• Use your vocal capacity to improve your power
• Deal with nerves for high stakes events
• The key to communicating with credibility
• Master methods to connect with any audience
• How to start with poise and finish with impact

• Metaphors and other tools to bring greater influence
• Rhetorical devices and advantages of utilising them
• Present to persuade
• How to use story-telling to add impact and interest
• Methods for anticipating questions
• Strategies and structures for responding to questions

  • The third day gives participants the opportunities to put together all they have learned in the previous 2 days. You will deliver a presentation in response to a prechosen scenario.
  • This presentation will be videoed. Each participant will receive specific, practical feedback and coaching tips on their individual communication style and presentation performance in a 1:1 setting with the course facilitator.
  • Participants will come away with a comprehensive toolkit of strategies to use for message development and delivery to ensure they can communicate for results in any situation.

Barbara Moynihan, Course Facilitator Day 1 - 3

Barbara Moynihan, Founder of On Your Feet, has been involved in training since the mid 90’s. She has studied in a variety of areas including “The Psychology of Interpersonal Communications”. The most recent programme she undertook was in Harvard, pre Covid and was a short course on the topic of “Using Power Effectively – A Toolkit for Leaders”. She specialises in presentation and pitching skills which she delivers to a wide range of corporate, SME and individual clients. She is a firm believer that we learn best by “doing” and as a result all of her programmes are highly participatory. Barbara has performed the role of Master of Ceremonies on many occasions.  Her Mc events include the Small Firms Association (SFA) Annual Lunch, International Women’s Day Event organised by Dublin Chamber and Enterprise Boards and the Envirocom Awards. Both Barbara, and her company On Your Feet, are the proud winners of multiple business awards.

Aideen Lowe, Course Facilitator, Day 1 & Day 3

With a career of almost 20 years working in the Learning & Development field at innovative and fast-moving tech companies like Facebook, Twitter and Stripe, Aideen is an experienced people manager and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in designing and delivering high-quality learning interventions and experiences for global organisations.

She has worked with newly-formed and evolving teams across all areas of business, including Sales, Operations, Marketing, Finance and HR, and has partnered closely with business leaders and managers to support their objectives through learning initiatives. Her approach to design and facilitation has enabled teams to elevate their performance and increase engagement.

She is passionate about the benefits of coaching and has worked with business leaders, managers and individuals at all levels of organisations and stages of their career to realise and maximise their potential.

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