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  • Understand the complexity of the business, market forces, scientific drivers and changing contexts of the life sciences landscape;
  • Analyse the decision-making processes used under high risk (ex. risk aversion in drug regulation);
  • Understand how the industry capitalises on the increasing complexity of the biological sciences and regulations;
  • Understand the impact of high drug prices and potential solutions such as the Health Impact Fund;
  • Gain greater insight into the future of the biotech and pharma industry.
  • Assess the profit prospects and dynamics in the biotech & pharma industry;
  • Identify and critique business level strategies pursued in the industry;
  • Examine and appraise the M&A activity in the industry;
  • Analyse industry structures and business-level strategies in adjacent industries;
  • Develop the appropriate leadership responses to the challenges facing the biotech and pharma industry.
  • Understand the dynamics of new venture creation, development and financing in both new start-up firms and within established firms;
  • Identify the key drivers of value creation in early-stage, science-enabled new ventures;
  • Develop an understanding of the funding life cycle, investment horizon, risk management and exit options in new life science ventures from concept to customer;
  • Gain an understanding of the theoretical foundations in the context of a start-up life science business;
  • Examine the perspectives and focus of venture capital investors evaluating life science investment opportunities.
  • Gain insights into the role of Supply Chain Management in the analysis of business operations;
  • Understand the fundamentals of supply management and supply chain relationships;
  • Assess the strategic impact of technology on value in supply chains;
  • Conduct an analysis to identify opportunities for competitive advantage through supply chain innovation.
  • Understand a theoretical framework enabling structured thinking about leadership in innovative enterprises, its antecedents and its impact;
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the key leadership skills required in the life sciences industry and the challenges it faces in an innovative industry such as biotech & pharma;
  • Deepen insight and knowledge of cross functional expertise where specialist knowledge is key to success;
  • Understand the impact of culture on the success of the innovative enterprise.
  • Gain an understanding of the need for health economic evaluations and health technology assessment for innovative medicines and other health technologies;
  • Understand the key concepts, principles and methods of health economic evaluations;
  • Evaluate the use of Health Economics and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in pricing and reimbursement decision-making processes;
  • Understand the role of health economic evaluations throughout the lifecycle of a health technology.

Meet the Faculty

Our dedicated team of faculty are widely recognised as skilled educators, ground-breaking researchers and accomplished authors. Through publishing, consulting and teaching they leverage their business expertise and field-based research to deliver programmes, encourage participants to develop new ways of thinking, widen their perspectives and to understand their own challenges and capabilities. The faculty present topics in a range of engaging methods such as ‘action learning’ projects, case studies, role plays, individual assessment and one-on- one coaching, to deliver a unique and lasting learning experience.

Professor Rosier holds both a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Ghent University, Belgium) and a PhD in Management (Cranfield School of Management, UK). He was a Fulbright Scholar at Harvard University and was awarded a NATO research fellowship for research at MIT. As vice president pharmaceutical drug development at Johnson & Johnson he was instrumental in the development of TIBOZOLE®, LIVOSTIN®, PREPULSID®, SPORANOX®, RISPERDAL® and ERGAMISOL® and was awarded the Johnson & Johnson Leadership Award for outstanding and exceptional contribution to the development of PREZISTA® and INTELENCE® for the treatment of AIDS.

In 2009, he became Chief Executive Officer of FORMAC Pharmaceuticals NV, a high technology drug delivery spin-off from the University of Leuven that uses silica based technology to increase the performance of drugs. Jan has extensive experience in attracting venture capital for high-risk academic spin-off biotech firms. His career has continuously taken place at the interface between university and industry.

During his stay in industry he was engaged in academic biomedical research which resulted in scientific papers published in science journals with high impact factor. Since 2008, he teaches new drug development at the University of Leuven. He also researches the management of life science R&D as a Visiting Fellow at the Cranfield School of Management (UK) where he conducts research on innovation in biotech R&D firms. His research focuses on the impact of CEOs on innovation in life science R&D firms. Jan is author of 'New Drug Development An Introduction' (Wiley-Blackwell).


Gearóid Hardy

Gearoid is accustomed to asking the challenging and often unpopular questions that draw business leaders and teams out of their comfort zones. He continually prompts them to reassess the situation, which leads them to new found clarity from within. In today’s fast-paced world, managers rarely have time to look at the big picture, tweak it for the best results and move towards a more efficient way of working. Gearoid has earned his business colours over more than 35 years. He has worked with many global organisation and executive management teams to help them rethink their strategies and develop resilient, energetic businesses. He has helped clients succeed in Ireland, the UK, the US, Poland, Holland, Bahrain, Jordan and Hong Kong. Gearóid is particularly experienced in advising on and implementing lean and agile business principles for performance improvement. These help increase competitiveness by improving process efficiency, reducing operational waste and creating value.


Eamonn holds a joint appointment in UCD, in the School of Business and the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering. He is active in teaching, research and the business development activities in both schools, with a particular focus on inter-school activities.

Eamonn's research interests are in the areas of supply chain management and service process innovation. He is the Irish representative of the IPS Group, currently carrying out a global survey on purchasing strategy, practices and performance.

Eamonn's teaching activity includes design and delivery of courses on Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, and Service Operations. He is also the academic director of the ME (Engineering with Business) programme. In addition Eamonn has developed and delivered executive education courses in a range of sectors.

Prior to joining UCD, Eamonn was Engineering Director for Bristol Myers Squibb, and was responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of process plants for developing and manufacturing anti-cancer drugs. He also worked as a consultant advising major multinationals and government agencies in asset management and procurement process improvement.

Dan is CEO at Hemanua. Hemanua is an innovation-driven medical & veterinary devices company based in Ireland with global reach. Dan is also CEO at Nua Venture. Nua Venture Innovations Limited understands the dynamics of early-stage technology driven new ventures. Nua Venture is focused on innovation management - market strategy, translating technological invention to market innovation, and building regional innovation clusters. Nua Venture works with Governments, Multinationals, Universities and individual entrepreneurs.

Dan is Chairman - Scientific Advisory Board of EA European Academy of Technology and Innovation Assessment GmbH. The European Academy of Technology & Innovation Assessment is focused on interdisciplinary research connecting knowledge, technology and innovation with high impact on policy, industry and society

Dan is also a Board Member of SmartBay Ireland. SmartBay Ireland's ambition, is the building of Ireland's ecosystem in ocean technologies across all marine sectors, leveraged off Ireland's existing ICT innovation cluster. SmartBay is Ireland's National Test facility for advanced prototyping, testing and development of Ocean Technologies.

Dan was Executive Director (Interim) at CRANN Institute & AMBER Research Centre from August 2013 – February 2014.

Dr. Brian Harrison is Managing Director at HiTech Health, a consulting and Services company in Healthcare with specific focus on the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industry. Brian brings to this role extensive technical leadership experience. Brian is currently supporting Science Foundation Ireland (SFI- the Irish Government research funding organisation) in the effective management of funding programs across diverse areas including life sciences, ICT and sustainable energy. Brian was previously in Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) for more than 23 years holding leadership positions to VP of Chemical Development responsible for the transfer, scale-up and registration of many new products. Brian has also significant operational expertise having been general manager of a manufacturing facility for BMS.

Brian holds a PH.D and a 1st Class honours degree from University College Dublin (UCD) in Ireland. He also holds several business qualifications including a Diploma in Management from Trinity college Dublin and a Diploma in Finance from ACCA. Brian successfully completed with 'Merit' a Corporate Governance Diploma at Smurfit Business School at UCD in 2013.

Karan is a senior lecturer in management at University College Dublin. He earned his PhD from the University of Alberta, Canada. His work has been published in academic journals such as the Journal of International Business Studies, MIT Sloan Management Review, Journal of Management, and Organizational Research Methods. He is a winner of an Early Career Research Award at UCD, a Professor of the Year Teaching Award at University of Manitoba, Canada and a Teaching Award at University of Alberta, Canada. He has previously held academic appointments in Canada and Spain. Karan served as a Captain in the Indian Military prior to his PhD.

Lieven Annemans is Full Professor of Health Economics at the medical Faculties of Ghent University and Brussels University (VUB). He is Past President of ISPOR, the International Society for PharmacoEconomics and Outcomes Research, current member of the Flemish Council for Health and Wellbeing (advising the Minister of Health), and external expert to the Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre (KCE), the Belgian HTA body.

He has 20 years of experience in health-economic evaluations of pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, medical devices, diagnostics, and preventive health actions in various medical areas in more than 20 countries.

He is author of the book “Health economics for non-economists: an introduction to the concepts, methods and pitfalls of health economic evaluations1” and of the recent report “towards valuable innovation in the EU” (Background report to the EU council of Ministers of health).

His main research interests are epidemiological models, Health Technology Assessment, retrospective/prospective health-economic evaluations, and physician payment systems. He has published more than 160 papers in peer-reviewed journals, presented >300 posters/papers at scientific conferences, and has given more than 500 lectures and trainings on health economics and health technology assessment.

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