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Identifying Negotiation Strengths and Weaknesses Participants will be facilitated in assessing their personal strengths and weaknesses as negotiators, to prime them for rapid learning over the duration of this course.

  • Understand strategic leadership and identify appropriate growth strategies
  • Acquire tools and techniques for developing strategic routes that will achieve and manage business growth
  • Thrive in a rapidly changing, highly uncertain and turbulent environment
  • Understand and enhance personal style in executing strategy and leading growth.

Win-win is the most widely-misunderstood concept in the field of negotiation and many common misconceptions expose negotiators to unnecessary risks and sub-optimal outcomes. Participants will learn how to satisfy the interests of other parties while protecting their own interests and enhancing their own outcomes.

Participants will learn the dynamics of bargaining situations and the secrets of effective bargaining skills, and how to combine these into a negotiation strategy that is co-operative and competitive.

In many organisations, executives spend as much time or more negotiating with and trying to influence their peers and managers as they do with external parties. Tactics and strategies for internal influence and negotiation are explicitly addressed in this workshop.

Negotiators who find themselves at an apparent disadvantage can at times do a considerable amount to improve their power. Participants will explore and practice a range of techniques for increasing their power in negotiations.

Managing conflict and resolving disputes are key challenges for executives. Supported by a challenging dispute resolution exercise, participants will learn the do’s and don’ts for cost-effective and satisfactory management of conflict through negotiation.

The presence of more than two parties can considerably complicate a negotiation. Participants will learn how to navigate their way through multi-party negotiations.

Role-plays will be used throughout the course to provide participants with the opportunity to practice their negotiation skills and test new tactics.

Meet the Faculty

Our dedicated team of faculty are widely recognised as skilled educators, ground-breaking researchers and accomplished authors. Through publishing, consulting and teaching they leverage their business expertise and field-based research to deliver programmes, encourage participants to develop new ways of thinking, widen their perspectives and to understand their own challenges and capabilities.

The faculty present topics in a range of engaging methods such as ‘action learning’ projects, case studies, role plays, individual assessment and one-on- one coaching, so as to deliver a unique and lasting learning experience.


Stephen Boyle

Stephen Boyle is a negotiation trainer, lecturer and consultant. He teaches at UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, where he delivers courses in negotiation, influence and decision making on executive development, MBA, and other postgraduate degree programmes. Stephen also designs and delivers customised executive development for corporate clients and has delivered workshops in Europe, Asia and the United States in sectors as diverse as automotive, construction, financial services, food and agribusiness, government, healthcare, law enforcement, pharmaceuticals, retail and technology. Prior to embarking on an independent training and consulting career 19 years ago, Stephen held roles in management consulting, and in communication and change management at a Fortune 500 company.


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