Darren Thomas Baker

Lecturer/Assistant Professor

School Of Business
Quinn School of Business
Dublin 4

Tel: +353 1716 4711


Darren is Assistant Professor/Lecturer in Business and Society. He is a psychosocial scholar in the areas of Equality (Diversity), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and compassionate Leadership. He read for an MA at the University of Oxford and holds a PhD from the School of Business and Management, King's College London, where his research was collaboratively funded by the ESRC and ACCA. Darren has previously taught at Queen Mary University and King's College London. Darren is currently a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield University School of Management, and was also a Visiting Fellow at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Before entering academia, Darren was a management consultant designing and delivering projects for FTSE 100 and 250 companies, and continues to advise organisations on issues concerning Equality and CSR.

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Conference Contributions

Baker, D.T. (2018) Phallocentric Women: Confidence, Splitting and Blaming. [Oral Presentation], 12th Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Accounting Conference, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK , 11-JUL-18 - 13-JUL-18.
Baker, D.T. (2018) A psychosocial exploration into gender inequality in auditing (Guest speaker : Symposium - New Directions in Auditing Research). [Invited Oral Presentation], New Directions in Auditing Research, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy , 29-MAY-18 - 02-JUN-18.
Baker, D.T. and Kelan, E.K. (2018) Splitting and Introjection: Tracing the Senses of the Neoliberal Subject. [Chaired Session], 35th International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations Annual Meeting, Desires and Defences, Dublin , 18-JUN-18 - 24-JUN-18.
Baker, D.T. and Kelan, E.K. (2018) Phallocentric Women: Confidence, Splitting and Blaming. [Oral Presentation], Association for Psychosocial Studies Biennial Conference, Bournemouth University , 05-APR-18 - 07-FEB-18.
Baker, DT, Kelan, EK (2017) The Psychic Life of Neoliberal Women: Splitting, Blaming and Perseverance. [Refereed Abstracts], Association for the Psychoanalysis of Culture and Society Annual Conference, Rutgers, New Brunswick (NJ) , 20-OCT-17 - 21-OCT-17.
Baker, DT, Kelan, EK (2017) The Confidence Paradox. [International Refereed Conference], 10th International Critical Management Studies (CMS) Conference, Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, Liverpool , 03-JUL-17 - 05-JUL-17.
Baker, DT, Kelan, EK (2016) Giving an account of oneself. [Refereed Abstracts], 9th Biennial International Interdisciplinary Gender, Work and Organization Conference, Keele University , 26-JUN-17 - 01-JUL-17.
Baker, DT, Kelan, EK (2016) Transmogrifying organisational space. [Refereed Abstracts], 9th Biennial International Interdisciplinary Gender, Work and Organization Conference, Keele University , 29-JUN-17 - 01-JUL-17.
Baker, DT, Kelan, EK (2016) Snakes and ladders: comparing the career trajectories of men and women in finance and accounting. [Refereed Abstracts], 9th Biennial International Interdisciplinary Gender, Work and Organization conference, Keele University , 29-JUN-17 - 01-JUL-17.


Year 2017 Institution: Kings College London
Qualification: PhD Subject: Business and Management
Year 2012 Institution: Oxford University, UK
Qualification: MA Subject: Geography



Book Chapters

Baker, D.T. (2018) 'Reverie as Reflexivity' In: Fotaki, M and Pullen, A (eds). Diversity, Embodiment and Affect. London: Palgrave. [Details]
Baker, D.T. and Kelan, E.K. (2018) 'HRM Practices to Diversity: Individualisation, Precariousness and Precarity' In: Collings, D.C.,‎ Wood, G.T., Szamosi, L.T (eds). Human Resource Management: A Critical Approach. London: Routledge. [Details]
Baker, D.T. and Kelan, E.K. (2017) 'Integrating Talent and Diversity Management' In: Collings, DG, Mellahi, K (eds). The Oxford Handbook of Talent Management. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. [Details]
Baker, D.T. and Kelan, E.K. (2015) 'Policy and practice of diversity management in the workplace' In: Syed J, Ozbilgin MF (eds). Managing Diversity and Inclusion - An International Perspective. London, Los Angeles, New Deli: Sage Publications Ltd. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Baker, D.T. and Kelan, E.K. (2018) 'Splitting and Blaming: The Psychic Life of Neoliberal Executive Women'. Human Relations, . [Details]

Published Reports

Baker, D.T. and Kelan, E.K. (2018) The Slow Path to the Top: The Careers of Women in Finance and Accounting. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, London, UK. [Details]

Working Paper

Baker, D.T. (2017) Senses of the melancholic subject: the idealised worker, self-reproaches and guilt. Working Paper [Details]
Baker, DT (2017) Phallosteria: Confidence as a Phallic Signifier. Working Paper [Details]
Baker, D.T. (2018) Mapping the Constellational Psychic Investments of the Neoliberal Subject. Working Paper [Details]


Research Interests

Darren is a psychosocial scholar exploring the intersection between gender, class and leadership in organisations. His research draws on psychoanalytical theory for epistemological, methodological and ontological inspiration. His research explores both 'high' and 'low'-skilled service sector occupations to understand challenges around: (1) gender in organisations, (2) ethical leadership, including dynamics of compassion, responsibility and hate, and (3) social mobility, including dimensions of precarity and precariousness in organisations. 
Darren's previous project was sponsored by the ESRC and ACCA and explored the career mobility of men and women in finance and accounting in the UK, and sought to understand the challenges faced by women and men in the sector, and how this shaped their subjectivity. His next project shall explore social mobility, gender and leadership in low-skilled work from an international perspective.
Darren is currently exploring the following psychosocial ideas: 

Psychic dynamics of persecution versus responsibility and compassion
Collective psyche
Senses of the Subject 
Feminist Theory 
Psychosocial Methodologies  


Research Projects

Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : Stepping into Leadership: Exploring the obstacles and enables to the career progression of women and men in low-skilled service sector employment
Start Date / End Date : 16-APR-18 / 15-APR-20

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