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Dr Rory O'Shea is an Associate Professor of Management at the Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business, University College Dublin. He holds the position of Academic Director of the UCD Cantillon Research Centre for Entrepreneurship, Design and Innovation and is an affiliate member of the UCD Centre for Ethics in Public Life.

Rory's research investigates (1) the strategies used by universities and firms to manage intellectual property and the technology transfer process, (2) the resource assembly processes that are involved in the scale-up of innovation-based enterprises, and (3) the institutional dynamics that create vibrant regional entrepreneurial ecosystems. He has published in many of the leading international academic journals in the field of innovation management such as Research Policy, R&D Management, Journal of Product Innovation Management and Organization Studies. He has also co-edited a book volume entitled, Building Technology Transfer within Research Universities, An Entrepreneurial Approach (Cambridge University Press)Rory has also contributed to a number of influential policy-related articles on technology policy and startups in Bloomberg Businessweek, Entrepreneur Inc, NBC News, Financial Times, Forbes, Sunday Independent and The Irish Times.

Prior to joining UCD as a faculty member, Rory completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Sloan School of Management, MIT and served as a committee member on the MIT Postdoctoral Association.  From 2012-14, he worked as a Visiting Assistant Professor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at MIT. As an undergraduate student at UCD, Rory was elected Auditor (President) of the Commerce and Economics Society and during his tenure the society was awarded the 'UCD Society of the Year' award. He is a recipient of the UCD President's Award and he has played tennis for Leinster and UCD. He currently serves as a council member of the Leinster Branch of Tennis Ireland. Outside of work much of Rory's time revolves around enjoying a variety of family activities and supporting the Kilkenny hurling team.



Book Chapters

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Edited Books

Allen T.J. & O'Shea R.P (Ed.). (2014) Building Technology Transfer in Research Universities: An Entrepreneurial Approach. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

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Other Journals

O'Shea, RP; Allen JT; O'Gorman C; Roche F (2004) 'Universities and Technology Transfer: A Review of the Academic Entrepreneurship Literature' Irish Journal of Management . [Details]

Newspaper Articles

Irish Times (2009) Ready for the breakthrough - Evaluation of university spinoff performance in Ireland and the role of business schools in the promotion of university-based entrepreneurship. The Irish Times. Newspaper Articles [Details]
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Policy Contribution

Barry McCall (2014) Turning university innovation into commercial reality - The importance of frontier, discovery driven research in the success of university technology transfer. The Irish Times. Policy Contribution [Details]
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O'Shea RP (2014) Business schools should be transformed to drive entrepreneurism. Entrepreneur Inc. Articles [Details]
O'Shea (2013) How to build a fast growth start-up. Forbes. Articles [Details]



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