Eamonn Ambrose


School Of Business
Graduate School of Business
Carysfort Avenue, Blackrock
Co. Dublin

Tel: +353 1 7168839


Eamonn holds the position of Associate Professor in the School of Business.  He is active in teaching, research and the business development activities.

Eamonn's research interests are in the areas of supply chain management and service process innovation.   He is the Irish representative of the IPS Group, currently carrying out a global survey on purchasing strategy, practices and performance.
Eamonn's teaching activity includes design and delivery of courses on Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, and Service Operations.  He was the creator and academic director of the ME(Engineering with Business) programme.  In addition Eamonn has developed and delivered executive education courses in a range of sectors.  
Prior to joining UCD, Eamonn was Engineering Director for Bristol Myers Squibb, and was responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of process plants for developing and manufacturing anti-cancer drugs.  He also worked as a consultant advising major multinationals and government agencies in asset management and procurement process improvement.




Association: EUROMA, Function/Role: Board Member
Association: Irish Institute of Purchasing & Materials Management , Function/Role: Member

Conference Contributions

Ambrose, E., Brandon-Jones, A. (2017) Learning in the classroom and the playground: Exploring OM Gaming in Practice. [Chaired Session], 24th International Annual EurOMA Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland , 03-JUL-17 - 03-JUL-17.
Ambrose, E. (2015) Keynote: Reflections of an Engineer Teaching Operations Management. [Keynote Address], 22nd European Operations Management Association Conference, Neuchatel, Switzerland , 29-JUN-15 - 29-NOV-15.
Ambrose, Eamonn (2013) Special Session : Gaming and Simulation in Operations Management Teaching. [Conference Organising Committee Member], EurOMA, Dublin , 09-JUN-13 - 12-SEP-13.


Position: Director
Position: Engineering Manager
Position: Planning and quality engineer
Position: Design engineer
Position: College Lecturer and Researcher


Year 2009 Institution: Warwick Busness School, Unversity of Warwick, UK
Qualification: PhD Subject: Supply Chain Management
Year 2000 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: MBA Subject:
Year 1984 Institution: University College Dublin
Qualification: BE Subject:



Book Chapters

Onofrei G., Ambrose E., Wiengarten F. and Fynes B. (2015) 'The interplay between environmental and quality/lean practices in supply chains' In: Ahrweiler, P., N. Gilbert and A. Pyka (eds). Joining Complexity Science and Social Simulation for Innovation Policy: Agent-based modelling using the SKIN platform. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge Press. , pp.76-107 [Details]
Nolan, K.E., Mullany F.J., Ambrose, E., Doyle, L.E, ; (2007) 'Value-Creation and Migration in Adaptive and Cognitive Radio Systems' In: Arslan, Huseyin (eds). Cognitive Radio, Software Defined Radio, and Adaptive Wireless Systems. New York: Springer. [Details]
Eamonn Ambrose, Donna Marshall, Brian Fynes and Daniel Lynch; (2009) 'Communication Media in Buyer-Supplier Relationships' In: Edward Sweeney (eds). Supply Chain Management and Logistics in a Volatile Global Environment. Dublin: Blackhall Publishing. [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals

Ambrose, E, Wiengarten, F. (2017) 'The role of geographical distance and its efficacy on global purchasing practices'. International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 37 (3). [Details]
Marshall, Donna; Ambrose, Eamonn; McIvor, Ronan; Lamming, Richard (2015) 'Self-interest or the greater good: How political and rational dynamics influence the outsourcing process'. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 35 (4):547-576. Available Online [Details]
Nyaga, G., Lynch, D., Marshall, D. & Ambrose, E. (2013) 'Power asymmetry, adaptation, and collaboration in dyadic relationships involving a powerful partner'. Journal of Supply Chain Management, 49 (3):42-65. [Details]
Ambrose, E., Marshall, D., and Lynch, D. (2010) 'Buyer/Supplier Perspectives on Supply Chain Relationships'. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 30 (12):1269-1290. Link to full text [Details]
Ambrose, E., Marshall D., Fynes, B. and Lynch, D.; (2008) 'Communication Media Selection in Buyer-Supplier Relationships'. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 27 (4):360-379. [Details]

Conference Publications

Ambrose, E. (2016) Rational and Institutional Influences on Category Level Purchasing Strategy 5th World Conference on Production and Operations Management [Details]
Ambrose, E. (2016) Getting Serious About Gaming 23rd International Annual EurOMA Conference, Trondheim, Norway [Details]
Ambrose, E. (2016) Gaming Pedagogy and Assessment 5th World Conference on Production and Operations Management [Details]
Ambrose, E., Marshall, D. and Lynch, D. (2015) 'Till Death Us Do Part: Balancing Commitment In Supply Chain Relationships European Operations Management Association (EurOMA) Conference [Details]
Harke, K; Goelz, D R ; Ambrose, E (2014) Service operations resilience: A capability analysis based on firms¿ experiences with catastrophic events European Operations Management Association Conference [Details]
Marshall, D; Goh, M; Lynch, D; Ambrose, E. ; (2011) The giant's dilemma: To dance or wrestle? Interdependence between large organisations and its effect on performance European Operations Management Association [Details]
Marshall, D., Lynch, D., Goh, M. and Ambrose, E.; (2009) Buyer-Supplier Relationship Quality and Performance: A Global Study of Asia-Pacific, Europe and the US European Operations Management Association Conference [Details]
Ambrose, E; (2010) Services Science Curriculum: Design and Web-Based Delivery IEEE Transforming Engineering Education Conference [Details]
Ambrose, E. and Brandon-Jones, A.; (2010) Theoretical Perspectives on Service Procurement 19th Annual IPSERA Conference [Details]
Ambrose, E. and Brandon-Jones, A.; (2010) Exploring Service Definitions in Operations Management EUROMA Service Operations Management Forum [Details]
Ambrose, E.; (2009) Developing a Curriculum in Services Supply Chain EUROMA Service Operations Management Forum [Details]
E. Nubile, E. Ambrose and A. .Mackarel, Lucent Technologies ; (2004) Development Of A Design Tool For Manufacturing Modelling And Simulation Proceedings of the 21st International Manufacturing Conference Limerick, [Details]
Ambrose, E., Fynes, B., Marshall, D. and De Búrca, S.; (2006) The Use of E-Commerce Channels in ICT value chains 12th EurOMA Conference Glasgow, , 18-JUN-06 - 21-JUN-06 [Details]
Fynes, B. and Ambrose E.; (2006) E-Commerce Usage and Supply Chain Relationships 3rd CEMS Logistics Conference Riezlern, , 25-JAN-06 - 28-JAN-06 [Details]
Fynes, B., Ambrose, E. De Búrca, S.; (2006) Supply chain relationship dynamics and manufacturing performance: some empirical evidence 15th IPSERA Conference San Diego, , 06-APR-06 - 08-APR-06 [Details]
Fynes, B. and Ambrose E; (2005) E-Commerce and Supply Chain Relationships Proceedings of the 1st EIASM Workshop on SCM and ICT University of Groningen, [Details]
Fynes, B., de Búrca, S. and Ambrose, E; (2005) An Empirical Study of Environmental Context, Firm Characteristics and Quality Management in Irish SMEs 12th EurOMA Conference budapest, [Details]
Ambrose, E. and Fynes, B.; (2005) Trust in Supply Chain Relationships - Issues of Measurement 3rd EIASM Workshop on Trust Within and Between Organizations Brussels, , 27-OCT-05 [Details]
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Ambrose, E.; (2004) The impact of e-commerce usage on buyer/supplier relationships Proceedings of the EurOMA Conference Insead, France, [Details]
Ambrose, E.; (2003) WCM practices in SMEs the impact on employee satisfaction Proceedings of the 20th International Manufacturing Conference, Cork, Ireland, September 2003 Cork, Ireland, , pp.865-871 [Details]
Ambrose, E.; (2003) Added Value in the use of B2B Internet Intermediaries Proceedings of the 32nd International Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering, Limerick, Ireland, August 2003 Limerick, , pp.707-712 [Details]
Eamonn Ambrose, Daniel Lynch, Donna Marshall; (2008) Buyer/Supplier Perspectives on Supply Chain Relationahips 15th Annual International Euroma Conference [Details]
Eamonn Ambrose, John dischinger, Brian Eck, Terry Harrison, Morgan Swink; (2008) Services Science Curriculum Development 11th Annual Irish Academy of Management Conference [Details]
Ambrose, E., Marshall, D. and Lynch, D.; (2006) Uncertainty and Ambiguity in Supply Chain Relationships 15th Annual IPSERA Conference San Diego, , 18-JUN-06 - 21-JUN-06 [Details]
Marshall, D., Reid, C., Ambrose, E. and Lynch, D. (2006) Understanding Relational Competence 15th Annual IPSERA Conference San Diego, , 18-JUN-06 - 21-JUN-06 [Details]


Research Interests

Service Operations and Supply Chains

Purchasing and Supply Management

Buyer Supplier Relationships

Healthcare Operations and Process Improvement
Service Process Innovation 

Research Projects

Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : OBRSS Research Support Scheme
Start Date / End Date : 01-NOV-16 / 31-OCT-19
Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : IPS Group Research Grant
Start Date / End Date : 01-MAY-13 / 30-APR-15
Sponsor : University College Dublin (UCD)
Title : IBM Faculty Award
Start Date / End Date : 01-FEB-11 / 31-JAN-16


Teaching Philosophy

Operations Management

Services Supply Chain Management 
Supply Network Strategy

Healthcare Operations Management

Supply Chain and Logistics
Process Operations and Reliability



Internal Collaborators

Dr Donna Marshall

External Collaborators

International Purchasing Survey Group, a collaboration of purchasing and supply management academics carrying out a longitudinal study of purchasing strategy, practices and performance across Europe and North America.
 IBM Integrated Supply Chain Group, working on the development of a curriculum in Service Supply Chain Management, both for in-class and for web-based delivery

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