Federica Pazzaglia

Full Professor

School Of Business
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Federica Pazzaglia is a Full Professor in the UCD School of Business. She completed her PhD at the University of Alberta Business School. Her research interests include the role of regulatory authorities in shaping business practices, behavioral approaches to strategy, corporate governance, identity, and social and institutional entrepreneurship. 
Her work has been accepted for publication in journals such as Journal of Management StudiesJournal of Management, Human Relations, Sloan Management ReviewJournal of Business Ethics, Corporate Governance: An International Review, Human Resource Management, and Family Business Review. She has received a Dissertation Fellowship and a Teaching Award from the University of Alberta, an Early Career Research Award from UCD Business School, and a Carlo Masini Award for Innovative Scholarship at the Academy of Management Conference. She is also been a finalist for the Carolyn Dexter Award for Best International Paper at the Academy of Management Conference. She is a winner of the best reviewer award at Corporate Governance: An International Review and is a member of the editorial board of this journal.

Prior to moving to UCD she was Assistant Professor at the University of Manitoba School of Business (Canada) and a Visiting Professor at Instituto de Empresa Business School (Spain). She has taught courses in the Bachelor of Commerce programs at Alberta and Manitoba, in the Master in Management program at Instituto de Empresa, and in the Executive program jointly offered by Instituto de Empresa and Northwestern University. 


Honours and Awards

Year: 2012.
Title: Carlo Masini Award (Innovative scholarship), AoM conference
Year: 2012.
Title: Finalist for Carolyn Dexter Award (Best International Paper) at AoM Conference
Year: 2012.
Title: Seed Funding Research Grant (PI) for study on 'Leadership in Times of Crisis'
Year: 2012.
Title: Research Grant (Co-investigator) for project on 'Responsible Leadership'
Year: 2012.
Title: Seed Funding Research Grant (Co-investigator) for study on 'Emerging Markets'
Year: 2010.
Title: Early Career Research Award
Year: 2006.
Title: Dissertation Fellowship Award
Year: 2004.
Title: Award for Excellence in Teaching

Conference Contributions

Farrell, M., Pazzaglia, F., Sonpar, K., and Martin deHolan, P. (2012) Why do organisations de-emphasize early warning signals of a deteriorating environment?. [Oral Presentation], Academy of Management Conference, Boston , 03-AUG-12 - 07-AUG-12.
McNamara, P. Sonpar, K., Pazzaglia, F. (2012) Enabling stakeholder cooperation in a social venture. [Oral Presentation], Academy of Management Conference, Boston , 03-AUG-12 - 07-AUG-12.
Pazzaglia, F., Mengoli, S., and Sapienza, E. (2012) Intensity of Socioemotional Wealth and Earnings Management by Public Firms. [Oral Presentation], European Academy of Management, Rotterdam , 06-JUN-12 - 08-JUN-12.
Pazzaglia, F., Flynn, S., Sonpar, K. (2011) Competitive arousal and knowledge transfer as complementary explanations: The immutable law of the ex. [Oral Presentation], Academy of Management Conference, San Antonio, TX , 12-AUG-11 - 16-AUG-11.
Motherway, David, Pazzaglia, Federica, & Sonpar, Karan; (2011) Impermeability to deinstitutionalization. [International Refereed Conference], Academy of Management Conference, San Antonio, Texas , 12-AUG-11 - 16-AUG-11.
Shrivastava, S. and Pazzaglia, F.; (2009) Hotspot Location and R&D Expense Effects During Different Types of Environmental Uncertainty. [Oral Presentation], Academy of Management, Chicago , 07-AUG-09 - 11-AUG-09.
Pazzaglia, F., Li, S.X., Sonpar, K.; (2009) Corporate Asset Allocation and Corporate Governance Effects on Business Division Performance: How much does the Corporate Headquarter Matter'. [Oral Presentation], Academy of Management Conference, Chicago , 07-AUG-09 - 11-AUG-09.
Huson, M.R., and Pazzaglia, F.; (2007) Choice of organizational form as a trade-off between fit and market timing. [Oral Presentation], Financial Management Association, Orlando, Florida , 18-OCT-07 - 20-OCT-07.
Sonpar, K., Pazzaglia, F. and Li, S.X.; (2007) How much does the industry really matter: Understanding the role of survivorship on firm performance. [Oral Presentation], Strategic Management Society, San Diego, California , 14-OCT-07 - 17-OCT-07.
Mengoli, S., Pazzaglia, F., and Sapienza, E.; (2007) Is it still pizza, spaghetti, and mandolino: On the evolution of ownership structure in Italy. [Oral Presentation], European Financial Management Association, Vienna, Austria , 27-JUN-07 - 30-JUN-07.
Huson, M.R, and Pazzaglia, F.; (2006) On the choice of organizational form: Income trusts vs. public corporations. [Oral Presentation], Northern Finance Association, Montreal, Canada , 15-SEP-06 - 17-SEP-06.



Peer Reviewed Journals

Walsh, I., Pazzaglia, Ergene, E. (2018) 'Loyal after the end: Understanding organizational identification in the wake of failure'. Human Relations, . [Details]
Pazzaglia, F., Farrell, M., Sonpar, K., & Martin DeHolan, P. (2018) 'Keeping up with the Joneses: Industry rivalry, commitment to frames and sensemaking failures'. Human Relations, . [Details]
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McNamara, P., Pazzaglia, F., and Sonpar, K. (2018) 'Large scale events as catalysts for creating mutual dependence between social ventures and resource providers'. Journal of Management, 44 (2):470-500. [Details]
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Aguerrevere, F., Pazzaglia, F., and Ravi, R.; (2005) 'Income Trusts and the Great Conversion'. Canadian Investment Review, 18 (4). [Details]


Research Interests

Role of Regulatory Authorities in Shaping Business Practices
Corporate Governance  

Behavioral Strategy

Social and Institutional Entrepreneurship


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