Nicola Mountford

Nicola Mountford

PhD Thesis Title: Off the fence and onto the field: Roles, rules, and relationships in the re-organisation of healthcare

Supervisor: Professor Susi Geiger

External Examiner: Professor Marie Laure Djelic, Professor of Management and Innovation, Sciences Po


I investigate the processes that underpin market re-organization in the face of evolutionary pressures to understand how public actors interface with other market actors in the re-organization of such markets.  In particular, I examine the relationship between Government and inter-organizational networks during such re-organization processes.  I offer a typology of relationships between these two important actors in different evolutionary long- and short-term contexts, a process map for collaborative governance approaches by public actors to the re-organization of public good markets in evolution, and a public actor strategy of ‘Managing by Proxy’ where governments seek to shape evolving market effects at a remove using bottom-up, network based strategies to complement top-down legislative and regulatory strategies.

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