Roberto Chavez Clavijo

Roberto Chavez Clavijo

PhD Thesis Title : Supply Chain Management Practices, Supply Chain Management Performance, Business Performance and Industry Clockspeed: A Path Analytical Model

Supervisor: Professor Brian Fynes

External Examiner: Professor John Mangan
Newcastle University


The purpose of this thesis is to examine the relationship between supply chain management (SCM) practices, SCM performance and business performance. The study offers an integrated framework to identify SCM practices, which enhance SCM performance, and demonstrate how SCM performance impact on business performance. Furthermore, the study incorporates a contingency view, through Industry Clockspeed, of the link between SCM practices and SCM performance. In doing so, this study seeks to address two broad research questions: a) To what extent do SCM practices impact upon SCM performance and in turn, business performance? b) To what extent is the relationship between SCM practices and SCM performance contingent upon Industry Clockspeed? The study is based on a questionnaire sent to manufacturing companies in the Republic of Ireland. The relationships between the constructs are analysed through regression analysis. The results suggest that the relationship between SCM practices and SCM performance is not monotonic across varying levels of Industry Clockspeed. Although mixed support was found for the hypothesized relationships, this research contributes considerably to the theoretical development of the contingency view in the SCM literature. The literature review has shown that empirical studies, which address the relationship between SCM practices and SCM performance provide mixed results. One possible explanation lies in the contingency theory. This work contributes to the theoretical development of the contingency view in the SCM literature by showing that Industry Clockspeed affects the way SCM practices impact on SCM performance. Managers should be aware that the rate of change in their industries can affect the way SCM practices across the supply chain impact on SCM performance

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