Costanza Galanti

Costanza Galanti

Supervisor: Professor Roland Erne

Thesis Title: The struggle for care under the new European economic governance. Collective action in and between Italy and Romania

Research Interests: European integration; trade unions, social movements and transnational solidarity; social reproduction theory and the international division of reproductive labour; qualitative methods.


Costanza Galanti commenced her doctoral studies in September 2018 as ERC PhD Scholarship Student. In her dissertation, she focuses on Italian and Romanian healthcare and domestic care workers' unions. In particular, she looks at how these unions' reactions to the EU's new economic governance regime are articulated transnationally and trans-occupationally.


Book review: 

Galanti, C. (2020), "Nicolas Delalande (2019). La lutte et l’entraide: L’âge des solidarités ouvrières" (Book review), Global Labour Journal, 11(2), p. 186-188.


Conference/Workshop presentations:

Galanti, C. (2020) 'Fare ricerca sulle lotte nella sanità durante la pandemia. Alcune riflessioni circa le forme dell'azione collettiva e la negoziazione dell'accesso al campo [Researching healthcare struggles during the pandemic. Some reflections on collective action and access to the field]'. 8th Italian Society for Applied Anthropology (SIAA) Conference, Parma, Italy, 3 Dec.


Galanti, C. (2020) 'Transnational opportunities for the commodification of care. The case of Italian-Romanian integration'. The Critical Political Economy Research Network (CPERN) 2020 Mid-term Workshop, Limerick, Ireland, 20 Jun.


Galanti, C. (2020) 'Social Reproduction in Capitalist Societies. An Analytical Framework to Understand Change in Health and Social Care Arrangements'.  UCD Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence PhD Winter School, Dublin, Ireland, 15 January.


Galanti, C. (2019) 'Do the European Union's direct interventions in healthcare trigger workers' transnational solidarity?' Council of European Studies (CES) research network European Integration and the Global Political Economy (EIGPE) Pre-conference Graduate Student Workshop, Madrid, Spain, 19 Jun.


Galanti, C. (2019) 'Healthcare and domestic care workers of Europe unite? Transnational solidarity under European new economic governance'. UCD Graduate Research Student Symposium, Dublin, Ireland, 2 May.


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