The UCD Centre for Corporate Governance offers in-house courses on Corporate Governance. Tailor-made for the needs of the board of directors of individual companies, these courses are co-designed by the Academic Director of the Centre, Professor Niamh Brennan and your board of directors. They are intended to assist boards and their management in understanding their governance responsibilities, the distinction between governance and management, and in learning how to deliver those responsibilities in an effective manner.

Benefits of hosting an in-house / customised course are:

  • Date and time can be arranged to suit all board members (eg. to coincide with a scheduled board meeting)
  • Issues to be discussed are specific to an organisation and its board. The presenter will be familiar with the organisation's dynamics, size, structure and operations, resulting in a more efficient and focused session
  • Potential "away-day" for board members, helping to promote informal board discussion on company-specific matters
  • The Chairman can effectively monitor the board's educational development and identify key areas for future discussion

Topics are designed to suit a board's needs. The following topics can be covered. This list is not exhaustive and topics can be added or subtracted as required:

  • Regulatory Developments
  • Legal Responsibilities
  • Role of Directors & Company Boards
  • Finance for Non-Finance Directors
  • Role & Function of Audit Committees
  • Risk Management
  • Business Strategy & Company Boards
  • Boardroom Effectiveness
  • Role of Directors in Improving Business Performance
  • Executive Remuneration & Incentives
  • Behaviour of Directors, Conflict of Interest, Ethical Issues

One half-day session, €4,500 for up to ten participants and €450 per person thereafter.

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