A key objective of the Centre is to promote research in corporate governance and to produce high-quality research on a wide variety of corporate governance topics. The Centre offers an opportunity for a community of scholars to come together to share ideas in this field.

Full-time academics

There are currently four full-time UCD academics associated with research in the Centre (Prof. Niamh Brennan, Dr Brian Hutchinson, Dr Noel McGrath, and Prof. Patrick Gibbons).  Details of each researcher's activities including publications can be found on their personal websites.

  • Prof Niamh Brennan
  • Prof. Patrick Gibbons
  • Dr Brian Hutchinson
  • Dr Noel McGrath

PhD students

Dissertation title: "Towards a Grounded Theory of the Role and Effectiveness of Boards of Directors in Investment Fund Governance" (Defended September 2011)
Supervisor: Prof. Niamh Brennan
Examiners: Prof. John Roberts, University of Sydney; Prof. Patrick Gibbons, UCD.

Dissertation title: "The Role of Non-Executive Directors on Boards of Private Family Firms: Navigating the Complexities of Role."
(Defended April 2013).
Supervisor: Prof. Niamh Brennan

Dissertation title: " Disclosure in Disarray: Assessing Corporate Governance Explanations of Non-compliance."
(Defended October 2010)
Supervisors: Prof. Niamh Brennan and Prof. Aileen Pierce
Examiners: Prof. Michael J. Jones, University of Bristol; Prof. Ciaran O hOgartaigh, UCD.


Dissertation title: "The Practice of Accountability for Clinical Governance: A Life-And- Death Setting"

Supervisor: Prof. Niamh Brennan


Dissertation title: "A Study of CEO Bonus Plans: Performance Measures, Performance Targets, and Performance Management"
Supervisor:  Prof. Niamh Brennan

Dissertation title: “An Examination of Materiality and Risk Assessment in New-Form Audit Reports
Supervisor:  Prof. Niamh Brennan and Dr Collette Kirwan

Dissertation title: “Impression Management by Big Four Auditors
Supervisor:  Prof. Niamh Brennan and Dr Collette Kirwan


Professor Terry McNulty, Professor of Management and Corporate Governance at Liverpool University, UK; Professor Gavin Nicholson, Associate Professor in Business and Management at Queensland University of Technology, Australia; Prof. Pat Gibbons, UCD.

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