Intercultural Development Programme (ICD)

Prepare to succeed in the global workplace

At a time of accelerating globalisation, UCD College of Business has developed a leading-edge Intercultural Development Programme (ICD) which is offered to ALL postgraduate students at the Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School.

ICD celebrates our diversity and aims to optimize your potential to succeed in and contribute to our diverse global society.

What makes the Intercultural Development Programme (ICD) unique?

The first and only programme of its kind in Ireland, the ICD programme is an innovative and research-driven intercultural professional and personal development training programme which aims to develop Business students’ key 21st-century skills which are essential for successful academic achievement, employability and career advancement on the global stage.


Purpose of the Intercultural Development Programme (ICD)

The ICD programme is an innovative research-driven and theory-based intercultural intervention which aims to enhance your employability and career advancement, and will help you to stand out among the crowd by developing your Key 21st-century Skills.


Benefits of the ICD programme

ICD will help you lay a solid foundation for your future success in the global job market. The skills you will learn will be valued by companies, NGOs and governments around the world who operate internationally, together with national companies and organisations who employ and serve an increasing diverse population.

ICD will strengthen your CV and give you an edge as you search for a job and participate in interviews, giving you an advantage over graduates from other Business programmes.

Key benefits:


What do employers say?

Emma Scott, People Partner, PwC

"Cultural competence is becoming increasingly relevant in the workplace today. As we look to the future, where many organisations will have a hybrid model of home and office, how we integrate and work with our international colleagues, including from different cultural backgrounds, will be a key skill.

Inclusive leadership and developing human skills including working with our teams on the awareness of unconscious bias is a priority at PwC. The strength in different perspectives from people who are willing to challenge the status quo, who think differently from one another, and who come from many different backgrounds, supports innovation and collaboration. An inclusive workplace enables us to embrace the diverse background and perspectives of all our people to create better outcomes for stakeholders and society and for business."


How does ICD work?

All Smurfit students will be automatically enrolled in ICD. ICD offers a flexible approach for you to complete your own intercultural development path by completing the Fundamental ICD or the Advanced ICD.

An ICD information webinar will be held in August 2021 for incoming students. An email invitation with registration details will be sent to applicants in June 2021.

Watch the videos below to learn more about the benefits of the ICD Programme.

Intercultural Consultation

Our Intercultural Development and Support Officer, Dr. Linda Yang, offers Intercultural Consultation to both Irish and International students on a range of issues, including academic and sociocultural transition and integration, adapting to multicultural classes, multicultural groupwork, cross-cultural communication, cross-cultural friendship and the development of intercultural competence.

To help students maximize their learning in a diverse environment, Linda delivers lectures and workshops, and offers one-on-one individual and group consultations.

Dr. Linda Yang

Dr. Linda Yang

Programme Leader, Intercultural Development Programme and Intercultural Development and Support Officer

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