Being the first and only programme of this kind in Ireland, ICD is an innovative research-driven and theory-based intercultural professional development training programme which aims to help you to stand out among the crowd by developing your Key 21st-Century Skills. These skills are valued by companies, NGOs and governments around the world who operate internationally, together with national companies and organisations who employ and serve an increasingly diverse population. The ICD programme will strengthen your CV and give you an edge over graduates from other Business programmes in the global job market.

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Emma Scott, People Partner, PwC

"Cultural competence is becoming increasingly relevant in the workplace today. As we look to the future, where many organisations will have a hybrid model of home and office, how we integrate and work with our international colleagues, including from different cultural backgrounds, will be a key skill.

Inclusive leadership and developing human skills including working with our teams on the awareness of unconscious bias is a priority at PwC. The strength in different perspectives from people who are willing to challenge the status quo, who think differently from one another, and who come from many different backgrounds, supports innovation and collaboration. An inclusive workplace enables us to embrace the diverse background and perspectives of all our people to create better outcomes for stakeholders and society and for business."

The ICD Global Insights is a collection of short webinars offering insights from experts, alumni, and industry figures from around the globe, on a wide range of current and relevant intercultural topics. The webinars are open to all current students at College of Business and alumni.

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Please note that the format of the ICD programme is subject to change.

Eileen Larkin

Eileen Larkin -  MSc Marketing 2019/20, Graduate at Zurich Insurance

"ICD, I believe, was a chief factor in helping me to secure a graduate role after months of trying and failing.

Having completed both the ICD & virtual ICD courses, I can honestly say it has been super beneficial to not only my professional progression, but also my personal development as well. For all students who have the opportunity to take part in the ICD programme, I couldn’t recommend a better, more interactive & fun course. Trust me, you won’t regret it!"

Jack O'Connor

Jack O'Connor - MSc Management (part-time) 2019/20, Account Manager at Google

"I began working for a large multinational, engaging with colleagues and clients throughout the globe. Immediately, I was able to put the theory to use in meetings and presentations.

Before starting Dr. Yang’s ICD programme, I worked in Dublin and primarily engaged with Irish colleagues and clients. As a result, my communication style was very Irish. Two months after completing the programme, I began working for a large multinational, engaging with colleagues and clients throughout the globe. Immediately, I was able to put the theory to use in meetings and presentations. This helped me build a solid rapport with all individuals, regardless of cultural background. As we adapt to remote working, there will be new entrants to workforce for more diverse backgrounds. The ICD programme is the perfect way to prepare for this new level of diversity."

Maria Ernica de Guzman

Maria Ernica de Guzman - MSc Marketing 2018/19, Content Marketer at Wolfgang Digital

"During my job application process, all employers noticed that I had the ICD certification! They all asked about it and they were all very interested! It's definitely an advantage over other applicants!

Attending Dr. Linda’s workshops has been one of the highlights of my time in Smurfit as her sessions have always been lively and educational! In Wolfgang Digital, I work with clients from the US, UK, Denmark, Ukraine, etc. I also work with colleagues from all around the world such as China, India, Brazil, Greece, Romania, Netherlands, Mexico, Italy, Germany, and more! So to say that the skills I picked up from the ICD Programme have been helpful is an understatement. I highly recommend it to all current and incoming students at Smurfit!"

Emily Schaefer

Emily Schaefer - MSc Digital Marketing 2018/19, Senior Graphic Designer at S&ME

"I worked in industry for 7 years and the benefits of completing this programme are evident. I wish my former employers invested in it!

The programme really exceeded my expectations. I worked in industry for 7 years and the benefits of completing this programme are evident. I wish my former employers invested in it! I encourage students to take advantage of this incredible program as it will bring a lot of value to their future. There have been so many moments I have been able to apply my learnings in my job, and for that, I am grateful! I highly recommend this programme for future students. 100%."

Robin Twist

Robin Twist - MSc Finance 2019/20, Analyst in Corporate Finance at EY

"The ICD Programme is enjoyable, beneficial and something I am so glad I committed to fully. Throw yourself into it, while you have the chance.

Linda is extremely engaging and her teaching style is irreverent, this means the workshops are enjoyable and sometimes quite funny. She creates an atmosphere in which people are comfortable to provide their own insights and hearing directly from students made the experience all the richer. From the first time I found out about the ICD Programme I knew I would join it. I am so glad that I did. If you are going to be a Smurfit student, you are going to be busy. You will feel too busy to do the ICD Programme. Do it anyway."

Intercultural Consultation

Dr. Linda Yang has a PhD degree in Intercultural Studies from Durham University in the UK. She has more than 17 years of intercultural teaching and training experience in China, the UK, Ireland and Europe. She offers Intercultural Consultation to both Irish and International students on a range of issues, including academic and sociocultural transition and integration, multicultural in-person and virtual teams, cross-cultural communication, conflict management, cross-cultural friendship and the development of intercultural and global competence.

To help students maximize their learning in a diverse environment and prepare them for diverse workplaces, Linda delivers lectures and workshops and offers one-on-one individual and group consultations.

Dr. Linda Yang

Dr. Linda Yang

Programme Leader, Intercultural Development Programme

Intercultural Development and Support Officer

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