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Our alumni are business leaders and include top professionals in local and international companies across the globe.  Learn more about the MSc in Management as our Alumni share their stories and discuss the role that this Masters has played in their career progression.

Aisling Mary Hogan

Aisling Mary Hogan, Clinical Consultant at Cerner Corporation, MSc Management 2020

"I chose UCD Smurfit because of its fantastic reputation. The Masters in Management (part time) was the perfect masters for me as it meant I could study alongside working full time as a midwife. This course is aimed at students who have no prior business qualifications which suited me as my background is in nursing and midwifery.
This masters has already opened up so many great opportunities for me, having progressed into a healthcare management role to now, working in healthcare consultancy. It has given me the confidence and skills to enhance my career."

Gary Bampton

Gary Bampton, Group Head of Operations at Core, MSc Management 2013

'My role combines elements of strategy development, technology, business re-engineering as well as resource & cost management. Working in operations management requires me to be able to collaborate across all departments of an organisation, so understanding the challenges and business objectives of all the various divisions is essential.

The MSc in Management programme provided me with a more holistic understanding of business management and the opportunity to study different areas in more depth than normal exposure through my job allowed. I completed the course on a part-time basis so that I could continue my career at the same time, and this gave me the opportunity to apply learnings directly to my role. Studying alongside business professionals also gave me fantastic insights into a broader range of industries and different ways of working. Overall, the course greatly accelerated my understanding of the key areas of management and expanded my skillset to be able to handle the business challenges I have encountered since.'

Maria Chandy

Maria Chandy, Assistant Manager at EY, MSc Management 2016

"Having worked as a clinician in an acute healthcare unit for 10 years, I wanted to diversify, progress and transform my role within healthcare. I was looking for a comprehensive programme that would provide me with a strong background in business management and strategy. MSc management provided me with exactly what I was looking for in a course and due to the nature of the programme I was able to pursue my studies while working. I greatly benefited from the structure of the programme and modules covered; gained a thorough understanding of business and management principles. I was able to build professional relationships and learn from like-minded people across different sectors. My role since has diversified and I have invariably been able to provide strategic value to the business needs."

Cian O'Brien

Cian O'Brien, Director at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles UK, MSc Management 2010

"Having spent 11 years in the retail automotive industry in Ireland in a variety of roles I was searching for a programme that would enhance my strategic and analytical thinking as well as allow me to interact with like-minded individuals from other industries. The PT MSc in Management provided a fantastic platform for the development of my critical thinking as well as providing me with an opportunity to build meaningful relationships with my cohort. During my dissertation I focused on the auto industry and I had the opportunity to meet with senior leaders on manufacturer side which ultimately led to accelerating future career opportunities. I joined Volkswagen Group Ireland in 2010 initially in a product role and shortly afterward as head of Service for the Audi brand. In 2012 I joined the board of Volkswagen Group Ireland as Director of our SEAT brand. Later I took up the role of Head of Operations for Audi in the UK and subsequently I spent 3 1/2 years in the USA as Chief Operating officer for Audi in North America. Then, I returned to join the board of Volkswagen Group UK as Director for our commercial vehicle business."

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