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What will I learn?

Students will learn about management of projects via real-life examples, as well as having the opportunity to develop and test their own knowledge and skills via a wide variety of projects.

A blend of concrete skills, theoretical grounding, and best practices designed to train students for effective planning, organisation, and execution in the project context.

A thorough acquisition of essential interpersonal, leadership, stakeholder management, and problem-solving skills via group and case based learning, presentations, simulation exercises, and real-life projects to deliver services and products.

The acquisition and development of vital presentational, communication, and reporting skills and analytical techniques.

How will I benefit?

The curriculum has been devised to either kick-start graduates at the beginning of their career or accelerate the trajectory of those already working in practice.


The curriculum is built around a theoretical and practical grounding in management of projects and is taught via a cluster of core modules and a Major project.

The course content and teaching approach draws upon for example the Project Management Institute (PMI) Body of Knowledge.

Year 1

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Year 2

Autumn TrimesterSpring TrimesterSummer Trimester

Note: option modules listed are indicative of what has been delivered in previous years. What is offered each academic year is subject to change.

The MSc in Project Management equips our graduates with practical skills in planning, organizing, and leadership in the project context, within a framework informed by both academic research and practical experience; facilitates our students to learn, practice, and master the discipline of Project Management in order to effectively manage projects over their lifecycle; and allows our students to experience and practice new skills and knowledge in a safe yet challenging multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary learning environment.

The programme values honesty, integrity, hard work, a collegiate and open-minded attitude to new ways of working, multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary teamwork, and constant striving for excellence. This course prepares our students for a career in management of projects in different industries and types of organizations. Real-life case examples and group projects are used as examples to reinforce the understanding. Our students are also given the opportunity to carry out projects with various types of organizations and experience the reality of achieving the project goals and managing different stakeholders, using the knowledge as well as tools and techniques acquired during the course.

The programme provides a challenging yet safe learning environment which puts students into real project environments and allows them to practice and experience the complexities of dealing with all the varied and often competing forces inherent in such situations. The focus of the programme is to develop effective, usable skills and thought-processes, leveraging a wide variety of both academic and business knowledge, in order to manage projects in an effective and value-added manner for all the stakeholders involved. The programme incorporates a range of approaches to teaching, learning and assessment, including lectures, individual and group projects, case studies, and service learning type projects. Experiential learning is a key element of the programme, together with group work and individual assignments.

On successful completion of the programme students should be able to:

Programme Goals Programme Learning Outcomes
Programme Goal 1:
Core Business Knowledge - our graduates will be current in their knowledge of the theory and practice of business management.

Critically assess the theory and practice underpinning project definition, operations and management.

Employ suitable theoretical and business models to assist the identification and resolution of business problems.

Programme Goal 2:
Communication skills –- our graduates will be effective communicators in a variety of business settings.

Synthesize and summarize data and information and professionally communicate outcomes of the analysis & their recommendations to key stakeholders.

Select and use appropriate communication strategies (oral, written & visual) to communicate organizational challenges and to define projects to meet these challenges.

Programme Goal 3:
Analytical skills -– our graduates will be able to analyze industries, markets and competitors to design and implement appropriate competitive strategies.

Undertake and present a detailed analysis with actionable recommendations of a core business/industry situation in written, media and oral forms.

Utilise appropriate online databases and primary data gathering to effectively research business environment issues and trends to recommend appropriate strategies to inform the business decision-making process.

Programme Goal 4:
Global Perspective -– our graduates will be able to work and interact ethically & professionally with others from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Employ appropriate negotiation skills for working with individuals across differing cultures and disciplinary backgrounds.

Demonstrate an awareness of industry frameworks to promote effective and ethical business practices.


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