Leadership Development Programme

The Smurfit MBA aims to develop Global Leaders who are able to lead diverse teams and organisations anywhere in the world.

The Leadership Development Programme (LDP), an integral element of the Smurfit MBA, addresses leadership development across three key areas:

Through self-reflection assignments, a 360-degree review inventory, and one-to-one executive coaching, you'll gain insight into your motivations, behaviour, and how you interact and communicate with others.

How can you lead through inspiration and influence?

Each trimester, you will be assigned to a diverse team of your classmates. The LDP will support your group work through interactive workshops that focus on understanding the emotional and social intelligence of others, and improving your relationship management skills.

Organisational leadership requires the ability to develop and implement strategy and vision.

A series of master classes will allow you to develop a variety of organisational skills and encourage your development into a self-aware, insightful, and influential leader.

Course Structure

Foundation Week

Semester 1

Semester 2

Persuasive Writing

Executive Coaching (2 appointments)

Executive Coaching (2 appointments)

Case Study Analysis

Case Study Competition

360-degree evaluation

Effective Report Writing

Master Classes

Master Classes

Accelerating Team Performance



 Leading Cross-Culturally



Presentation Skills



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