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UCD Business Alumni has a global network of over 70,000 graduates in over 100 countries.  Our alumni are leaders in business and are actively involved in the development of the business school.  They include top professionals in local and international companies across a range of different industries.

With a growing network of over 4,000 MBA graduates and a dedicated Smurfit MBA Alumni Association, becoming a Smurfit MBA participant means that you will be invited to join this diverse hub of excellence and can draw on the expertise of the alumni network throughout your career.  To learn more about how you can become involved visit the UCD Business Alumni website.

Alumni Insights

Our Alumni are the ultimate ambassadors of the Smurfit MBA learning experience. They provide the most concrete proof of the excellence that typifies the UCD Smurfit MBA.  Find out more from alumni of the Smurfit MBA and the key role it has played in their professional life.

Please note that the testimonials below have been provided by alumni of our Executive (weekly part-time) MBA programme.

Sharon Cunningham

Sharon Cunningham, EMBA 2015, CEO & Co-Founder at Shorla Pharma

"I was motivated to do something meaningful and purposeful; to have a wider impact and create positive change and I’ve always had an appetite for risk. I was lacking confidence, skills and the network, and the MBA gave me all of those things in abundance so that I could embark on the entrepreneurial journey self-assured." 

Niamh Gallagher

Niamh Gallagher, EMBA 2014, Head of Public Policy at Amazon Web Services

“I was a recipient of an Aspire scholarship of which there are 10 a year. UCD Smurfit School financed 50% of my MBA fees and I took a loan to finance the other 50%. My employer came to the table by offering me some time off so I could focus on my studies, which was really valuable to me. I took the view that if I did the MBA, then ultimately I would earn more afterwards and subsequently would be able to repay it. It is a big commitment but when I think of myself and all my class cohort it has paid dividends in terms of the roles they have secured.”

Jim Gannon

Jim Gannon, EMBA 2014, Commissioner at Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU)

'An MBA is an investment - an investment of time and emotion, and of course money. Those considering enrolment need to be open to all forms of learning, open to challenging yourself and open to having others challenge you. To maximise your investment, you need to lean into the experience. It is not just about world class academic staff or the coursework, but also the level of insights and learnings you can garner from your colleagues in the class, and the access you gain to a range of business fora and extra-curricular activities.'

Jacqueline Robinson

Jacqueline Robinson, EMBA ’15, General Manager, St Luke’s Radiation Oncology Network

'For me, aside from providing me with a solid knowledge base in the core areas of management, the MBA was invaluable in teaching me about teamwork. The course forced me to learn how to depend on other team members with expertise outside of my own. That was not always a comfortable experience but it resulted in a lot of personal growth. I could not manage an organisation on the scale of St. Luke's without fully understanding what it means to be a team player.'

Grainne Barron

Grainne Barron, EMBA 2008, Founder & CEO, Viddyad

“The UCD Smurfit MBA programme was tough, but extremely rewarding. Once I got into the rhythm and flow of juggling things in the first semester, it got easier and I loved it. The knowledge I acquired through the MBA gave me the overall business foundation I was looking for. I believe in hard work, focus and action but a bit of fun along the way can relieve stress. My classmates were highly intelligent, fun, witty and loved some healthy debate, so we all learned a lot from each other, as well as from the professors.”

Charlie Weijer

Charlie Weijer, EMBA 2013, Area Vice President, Commercial Sales, DocuSign

“Completing the Executive MBA at UCD Smurfit School enabled me to hone my business skills further, and develop a deeper understanding of what it takes to lead an organisation. On top of this, my Executive MBA class was amazing, and we developed a strong bond that I know will stand the test of time. The learning environment and the UCD organisation itself reinforced the validity of my choice to launch myself into this programme.”

Paula Thomas

Paula Thomas, EMBA 2010, Business Development & Loyalty Marketing Consultant

"I thoroughly enjoyed the MBA from start to finish. It gives you a unique level of understanding & confidence in your business abilities as well as plenty of intellectual stimulation. Managing the work/study balance wasn't easy - my social life really didn't exist much during term time, but with a full month off at Christmas and a long break during the summer, the two years really flew by."

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