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UCD College of Business - Faculty Insights Series

One of the keystones of our reputation as one of the world’s leading business schools is the quality and expertise of our Faculty. At UCD Business we recruit leading academics from across the world, many with experience from the world’s leading universities. This, together with their business experience, enables them to create a stimulating environment both in teaching and research. The UCD College of Business Faculty Insights Series is a series of faculty interviews designed to keep you informed of latest research and thinking across a wide range of business disciplines.

Dr. Virpi Turkulainen, Associate Professor in Management

"Manufacturing in high cost environments"

Dr. Virpi Turkulainen discusses her research which considers why companies would locate manufacturing in a high cost context

Ronan Powell, Professor of Corporate Finance

"Do Irish tax payer funded R&D grants generate a return"

Professor Ronan Powell discusses his research which investigates if Irish Tax Payer funded R&D grants generate increases in innovation and employment.

Dr. Donna Marshall, Associate Professor in Supply Chain Management

"Tackling Problems Inherent in Complex Global Supply Chains"

Dr. Donna Marshall discusses her research which offers tools and techniques to companies to try to prevent environmental disasters and improve working conditions throughout complex global supply chains

Dr. Marius Claudy, Lecturer in Marketing

"Developing and marketing sustainable products"

Dr. Marius Claudy discusses his research into how businesses develop sustainable products and services, and why consumers might adopt or resist these products and services

Dr. James McDermott, Lecturer in Business Analytics

"Machines making decisions"

One of the biggest trends in analytics is in the field of machine learning, particularly in neural networks and deep learning.  In this interview, Dr. James McDermott discusses his research in this area.

Dr. Annette Clancy, Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour

"Emotion in Organisations"

In this interview, Dr. Annette Clancy discusses her research on emotion in organisations and, in particular, how unconscious dynamics affect how work is performed.

Dr. Esther Tippman, Lecturer in Strategy and International Business

"Turning organisational problems into opportunities"

In this interview, Dr. Esther Tippman discusses her research in the area of organisational problem solving.  As part of the research, Dr. Tippman considers what drives the development of creative solutions and how organisations can use problems as an opportunity to innovate.

Professor Jan Rosier, Elan Professor of the Business of Biotechnology

"Strategic considerations in the changing landscape of the Biopharma industry."

In this interview, Professor Jan Rosier discusses the strategic considerations in the changing landscape of the Biopharma industry.

Dr. Orla Byrne, Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Strategy

"Second Chance Entrepreneurship"

Dr. Orla Byrne discusses her research in the area of business failure, which is one of the biggest deterrents to entrepreneurial activity

Eamonn Walsh, PwC Professor of Accounting

"Are leases just a devious way of hiding company debt?"

In this interview, Professor Eamonn Walsh considers if leases are just a way for companies to hide debt.

Professor Mark Pagell, Chair in Global Leadership

"Why stopping for the yellow light is faster"

In this interview, Professor Mark Pagell discusses the trade-offs in managing the supply chain to meet effectiveness goals and managing the supply chain to protect the workers in the chain.

Dr. Paula Carroll, Centre for Business Analytics

"Business Analytics and Operations Research "

In this interview, Dr. Paula Carroll discusses her research in the area of Business Analytics and Operations Research.  Dr. Carroll shares insights into how we can use analytics and mathematical modelling to help solve real world business problems.

Dr. Jury Gualandris, Lecturer in Management

"Sustainable Supply Chain Management "

In this interview, Dr. Jury Gualandris discusses his research on Sustainable Supply Chain Management.  He explains the challenges that organisations face in creating and leveraging accountability.

Professor Michael O'Neill, ICON Chair of Business Analytics

"Natural Computing and Smart Business Systems "

In this interview, Professor Michael O'Neill discusses his research which focusses on creating the next generation of Smart Business Systems.  He shares insights into how we can take inspiration from the natural world around us to build intelligent and adaptive business systems.

Mary Lambkin, Professor of Marketing, Subject Area Head

"Mergers and acquisitions as a growth strategy - Is bigger better? "

In this interview, Professor Mary Lambkin gives a marketing perspective on mergers and acquisitions.  She shares her thoughts on the use mergers and acquisitions for sales growth and market expansion rather than for cost saving and rationalisation.

Donncha Kavanagh, Professor of Information and Organisation, PhD Director

" Disruptive Technologies, Bitcoin and the Blockchain "

In this interview, Professor Donncha Kavanagh discusses Disruptive Technologies and their potential impact on industry. He shares insights into Bitcoin and the Blockchain as an interesting example of a Disruptive Technology.

Professor Pat Gibbons, Jefferson Smurfit Professor of Strategic Management, UCD College of Business

" Strategic Management of Enterprises "

In this interview, Professor Pat Gibbons discusses his research around the strategic management of enterprises. He shares insights into the challenges faced by firms to deliver results in the short term while also positioning the firm for the future

Dr Roisin Vize, Lecturer in Digital Marketing, UCD College of Business

" Business to business relationships in web based business channels "

In this interview, Dr Roisin Vize discusses her research on business to business relationships in web based business channels.

Professor Bill Roche, Industrial Relations and Human Resources, UCD College of Business

"Conflict Management in Organizations "

In this interview, Professor Bill Roche discusses his recent publication entitled 'Conflict Management in Organizations'.

Dr Virginia Stewart, Lecturer, UCD Business

"Boomerang Employees "

In this interview, Dr Virginia Stewart discusses her research on boomerang employees - those who leave an organisation and then return.

Dr Bruce Martin, Lecturer in Management, UCD Business

" The benefits of entrepreneurship education for persons with disabilities "


In this interview, Dr Bruce Martin discusses his research on entrepreneurship education and the benefits associated for those with disabilities.

Dr Gerardine Doyle, Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Tax Law, UCD Business

"Cost-effectiveness of diabetes self-management education "

In this interview, Dr Gerardine Doyle, discusses her work on the study of type 2 diabetes and her role as Principal Investigator.

Professor Damien McLoughlin, Anthony C. Cunningham Professor of Marketing, UCD Business

"The marketing of Christmas"

In this interview, Professor Damien McLoughlin, discusses the various tactics used by marketers at Christmas.

Professor Niamh Brennan, Michael MacCormac Professor of Management, UCD Business

"The role of culture, behaivour and psychology in boardrooms"

In this interview, Professor Niamh Brennan, discusses the role of culture, behaviour and psychology in boardrooms.

Professor Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh, Dean UCD Business

"The importance of financial services infrastructure"

In this interview, Professor Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh, Dean UCD Business, discusses the importance of the financial services industry and the role of Universities in creating that infrastructure.