Season 2 Episode 2 - The Retail Store of Tomorrow

Breege O’Donoghue | Primark Brand Ambassador, UCD Smurfit School Advisory Board Member

12th October 2021. Legendary Penney's/Primark retailer and UCD Business alumna Breege O'Donoghue reveals what it takes to rise to the top of the Irish and global retail scene, the importance of evolving with your customer and what the future of retail looks like. 



Season 2 Episode 1 - The Business of Education

Professor Anthony Brabazon | Dean of UCD College of Business

30th September 2021.  Ahead of a series of milestone anniversaries, Professor Anthony Brabazon explores the global history of the UCD College of Business and looks ahead to the future of business education and developing business leaders of tomorrow.


Episode 47 - The Great Crypto Debate

Assistant Professor Paul Dylan-Ennis | Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum

20th July 2021. Assistant Professor Paul Dylan-Ennis delves into the hidden realms of the subculture that drives the volatile world of cryptocurrencies and discusses whether the currencies are good for the economy and society.


Episode 46 - Banking on It

Alan Duffy | CEO of HSBC Ireland

6th July 2021. HSBC Ireland’s CEO and UCD Smurfit School alumnus Alan Duffy discusses adapting to Covid, zero rates and fintech disruptors.


Episode 45 - The Gig is Up

Professor Anne Keegan | Gig Economy

22nd June 2021. Professor of Human Resource Management Anne Keegan delves into the secret world of the gig economy and discusses changes on the horizon to make work more fair in this growing sector.


Episode 44 - Buttered Up

John Jordan | CEO of Ornua, The Home of Irish Dairy

8th June 2021. John Jordan, Ornua CEO and UCD alumnus, discusses the management of some of Ireland's most famous brands and how the company dealt with the pandemic, Brexit and US politicians.


Episode 43 - The Business of Beauty

Aimee Connolly | Sculpted by Aimee, Entrepreneur

25th May 2021. Aimee Connolly, CEO and Founder of Sculpted by Aimee Connolly Cosmetics, is a UCD Quinn School of Business alumna who created her own beauty brand shortly after graduating from UCD and catapulted its success through best-in-class digital marketing. Aimee shares her journey in the highly competitive beauty industry just days after accepting a nomination for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award.


Episode 42 - Window on the World: The New African Economy

Dr David Nyaluke and Vikki Brennan | Business Development

11th May 2021. Proudly Made in Africa (PMIA) is a social enterprise promoting Africa’s finest food and fashion producers globally, with a vision to create a world where African communities thrive, trading on equal terms with the rest of the world. Dr David Nyaluke, UCD PMIA Fellow in Business and Development, and Vikki Brennan, PMIA CEO, discuss building the new African economy and shaping the business leaders of tomorrow.


Episode 41 - Rise of the Machines

Professor Cal Muckley | Banking and Finance

27th April 2021. Professor of Operational Risk in Banking and Finance Cal Muckley’s research focuses on combating wrongdoing in the banking world. He explains the benefits, but also warns of the potential dangers of machine tools.


Episode 40 - Anatomy of Failure

Assistant Professor Orla Byrne | Entrepreneurship and Strategy

13th April 2021. Dr Orla Byrne, Assistant Professor Entrepreneurship and Strategy, talks about why we need to learn resilience and avoid stigma when businesses fail.


Episode 39 - Chocolate Kingdom

Colm Healy, CEO of Skelligs Chocolate

30th March 2021. Skelligs Chocolate CEO and UCD Smurfit School alumnus Colm Healy talks about building sweet dreams in rural Kerry as a chocolate entrepreneur in the gift industry.


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