Roberta Aguzzoli

Roberta Aguzzoli

PhD Thesis Title: Accounting for HRM Practices of a Brazilian Multi-national Company's Subsidiaries in Developed Countries.

Supervisor: Professor John Geary

External Examiner: Professor Tony Edwards, King’s College London


Roberta’s dissertation accounted for the transfer of HRM practices of an emerging economy’s (Brazil) MNE to its subsidiaries in four advanced economies, the UK, Canada (broadly known as LMEs), Switzerland and Norway (Broadly known as CMEs). It sought to understand whether there was a discernible home country influence on the style of management and HRM policies and practices deployed from the MNE and how MNE would marshal or escape from the institutional constraints presented on host country. The findings suggested that the existing literature is not well-equipped to explain all the forces which mould the behaviours and practices of a MNC from a developing economy with subsidiaries in mature economies. A very distinctive ‘Brazilian’ style of management was exported evading institutions strictures constraining local resources to be mobilised. Such finding is important because it pointed out to the malleability of institutions on MNEs context.

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