Min Zhang

Min Zhang

Dr Thomas Conlon & Professor John Cotter

Thesis Title: Unmasking Greenwashing: ESG's Impact on Chinese Stock Returns

Research Interests: Sustainable Finance, ESG Impact on Financial Markets, Asset Pricing under Market Inefficiencies, Operational Risk Management, Greenwashing in Global Markets



Min Zhang is a Ph.D. candidate in Finance and Banking at UCD Michael Smurfit School of Business, where she explores the intersections of sustainability and financial market behavior under the guidance of esteemed professors John Cotter and Thomas Conlon. Her academic journey is marked by the prestigious UCD-CSC Scholarship, a testament to her research potential and academic excellence. Min's groundbreaking thesis sheds light on the paradoxical impact of ESG narratives on stock returns, challenging traditional investment paradigms and advocating for stronger regulatory frameworks. Her dedication to unearthing the nuances of financial data modelling is matched by her passion for imparting financial wisdom as an educator, where she bridges theory and practice for her students

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