UCD Smurfit School's Global Leadership Programme (GLP) offers students the opportunity to engage in a diverse range of co-curricular activities. It's all about helping students become an impactful leader with a global mindset. The programme is open to all MSc and MAcc students. The programme is designed to build students capacity for effective personal and organisational leadership. Built on a foundation of three pillars – student leadership, workplace skills and career planning – the GLP empowers students to create a personalised path to their own leadership development. To successfully complete the programme and be awarded a Global Leadership Programme Certificate, students engage in at least one co-curricular activity under each of the three GLP pillars and demonstrate the learning and leadership development gained from this activity.

GLP framework

The Global Leadership Programme gives you the opportunity to engage in co-curricular activities that best reflect your own developmental needs, leadership growth and career aspirations.  See here for some examples of activities that participants on the programme have engaged in.

GLP Examples of Activities

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GLP timelines 2022

Aaditya Nohar

Aaditya Nohar, MSc in International Business 2020/21

In my previous academic experience, I did not participate in co-curricular activities. However, the GLP was a considerable eye-opener for me. During this programme I truly learned about the importance and value of co-curricular activities not only as part of academic experience but also as part of personal development. I believe that the GLP is essentially combining both elements concerning academic experience and personal development. Moreover, during the GLP I was inspired, challenged, and driven to explore various opportunities in which I developed my overall leadership and as a person.

Emma Keyes

Emma Keyes, MSc in Marketing 2020/21

This was a brilliant program which encouraged me to apply for the position of class ambassador in my masters course. I probably would not have signed up to this position without the back up of the GLP as it drove me to take action and advance my personal and professional development. The GLP was undoubtedly one of the most rewarding elements outside of my academic experience at Smurfit, instilling me with more confidence about my leadership capabilities.

Eric Dennis

Eric Dennis, MSc in Management (Part-Time) 2020/21

I was delighted to have the opportunity to take part in the GLP; I thoroughly enjoyed the programme. It provides a framework for developing leadership skills that gives enormous scope and flexibility—allowing you to choose actions that best suit how you want to develop your leadership skills. This was certainly the case for me. It is also an excellent opportunity to engage with other students, and I found that I took part in far more co-curricular activities because of it. The GLP is a fantastic initiative and will be of great benefit to anyone who participates in it.

Victoria Browne

Victoria Browne, MSc in Digital Marketing 2020/21

I have had an absolutely fantastic experience with the GLP Programme during my time in Smurfit. I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I would during a normal academic year due to everything being online however, I would highly recommend the GLP programme to any prospective Smurfit student in the future. I have learned so many things about myself and I have grown so much professionally and socially because of the GLP Programme. It has been a truly amazing experience and one that I will remember for many years to come.

Maarten Grift

Maarten Grift, MSc in Aviation Finance (Part-Time) 20/21

I think that the GLP programme, the ICD workshops, the mentoring programme and numerous leadership related webinars that have been offered to us are of great value for students no matter what career aspirations they have. I have learned a lot of valuable lessons during the last academic year and have perceived the GLP programme as a great addition to the Master programme. Many thanks to UCD for making this programme available and many thanks to everyone involved in the various programmes to help me improve my leadership skills

Sabornee Ghosh

Sabornee Ghosh, MSc Business Analytics (2021/22)

The GLP has helped me to develop confidence in my abilities and stretch myself beyond my comfort zone. Pursuing several activities along with my MSc and a part-time job was overwhelming at times but it has been equally rewarding as well.

Katherine Hidchenko

Katherine Hidchenko, MSc Human Resource Management (2021/22)

I think that this is a great programme that helps students make the most of their time at Smurfit. I appreciate the push this has given me to engage with my programme, my peers, staff/faculty and the School.

Xinran Mao

Xinran Mao, MSc Marketing (2021/22)

The Global Leadership Programme provides a fantastic platform for me to have a better understanding of myself. It assists me in recognising my strengths and weaknesses, as well as allowing me to focus on some less evident aspects that will be extremely useful in my future careers, such as technical skills and intercultural competence.

Aaron Braxton Fernandes

Aaron Braxton Fernandes, MSc Business Analytics (2021/22)

Choosing UCD as my postgraduate destination was a no-brainer. One of the main contributors to that decision was the Global leadership Programme. The GLP has motivated me to become the Class Ambassador, drastically improving my network and soft skills. I have also been able to hone my co-curricular game by contributing to the leadership opportunities provided by the GLP. The programme brings about the discipline that made my future look brighter than ever before.

Clinton Clement Dcruz

Clinton Clement Dcruz, MSc Business Analytics (2021/22)

The GLP is one of the most interactive programmes that I have come across as of now. When I chose UCD to be my preferred university and was introduced to the GLP, I was intrigued immediately, and I am looking forward to interacting with more students and hosting events with them. I have already learned quite a lot from this programme.

Information Webinar

A Global Leadership Programme information webinar for incoming 2022/23 students will be held on Thursday 18th August (11.00am-12.00 noon Irish Time). We hope that you will join us to learn more about this unique programme.

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Dr Linda Dowling-Hetherington

Dr Linda Dowling-Hetherington

Director of Assurance of Learning

Academic Lead, Global Leadership Programme

For more information on the Global Leadership Programme, please contact Dr Linda Dowling-Hetherington.

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