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Business School Lessons In Good And Bad Leadership From 2023

  • Date: Thu, Jan 11, 2024

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By Matt Symonds, Forbes

Photo: Satya Nadella has created the perfect conditions for capitalising on three big developments: cloud, collaboration, and AI - Karan Sonar, UCD School of Business.
Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images.


Taylor Swift had an incredible year in 2023. As she sang and danced her way across the world with her record-breaking Eras Tour, her Swiftie fanbase scooped up the merchandise, streamed her music to generate record royalties for her music label, and racked up box office revenues for the movie of her tour.

The 12-time Grammy winner joined the billionaire club, and Forbes has named Taylor Swift among the five most powerful women in the world. Beyond the world of entertainment, she has become a lesson in business leadership.

So while Swift writes songs about relationships and breakups, business schools are writing cases about her. Harvard Business Review recently published, Taylor Swift: A Mastermind of Influence, an organizational behaviour case that explores where the elements of power building are most evident in Taylor Swift’s music and economic impact.

This article first appeared on January 10th, read the full article in Forbes here.

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