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COVID-19 Online Form to Fastrack Testing for GP Patients

  • Date: Thu, Mar 19, 2020

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A Dublin-based doctor has created a free to use online form that is speeding up COVID-19 testing for GPs and patients.

“In my own practice, we are receiving hundreds of phone-calls per day from worried patients,” said Dr Knut Moe, creator of Screening Form and UCD Smurfit School MBA alumnus. “Since we started using this form, we have cut phone time by 50% on reception and GP consultation calls and enabled over 100 patients per GP per day to be triaged and referred quickly for testing.”

Dr Moe has partnered with online GP resources and to manage the extraordinary demand. Screening Form can be accessed by patients for free through participating GP practices. When a patient contacts his or her GP, the GP practice will give the patient a link to the form. GPs may also put the link on their practice websites or can text it to patients. The patient completes the form, enabling the GP to quickly assess the patient’s condition and potential need for testing. The patient can fill the form using a desktop or a mobile device.

Almost 200 GPs have signed up for Screening Form in a matter of days which is reducing time spent on the phone and increasing the number of tests that GPs can refer patients for each day.

“We know that the countries that have been most successful in treating this virus have done so firstly through efficient testing and tracing. It’s vital that GPs in the community can triage patients, assess their condition and refer for testing quickly to isolate infected people and prevent the spread.”

Screening Form is completely free to use for GPs.

Dr Moe completed his MBA at UCD Smurfit School in 2019 and is co-founder of the new UCD Smurfit Healthcare Leadership Network along with Professor Gerardine Doyle, Director of UCD Smurfit School. The Network brings together global leaders—many of whom are UCD Smurfit School MBA alumni or have completed UCD Smurfit Executive Development Certificate in Health Care Management Practice—with a goal of fostering communication, collaboration and innovation in healthcare amongst those working in the sector.

“The leadership of our MBA alumni in unprecedented times is a wonderful reflection of the skills that our students acquire on our MBA programme,” said Professor Doyle whose research focuses on health literacy and value measurement in healthcare delivery.

“Our goal is to empower our students—who come from a broad range of disciplines—with the tools necessary to lead and have a positive impact on society. Knut’s quick identification of a challenge and providing a solution that will help thousands of individuals is an outstanding example of the leadership, innovation and flexible thinking skills we strive to instil in our students.”

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