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How to Succeed in Fixing Settlement Fails

  • Date: Fri, Jan 29, 2021

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“Mitigating securities fails is an important part of reducing risk and maintaining the integrity and liquidity of the U.S. government & agency securities market. We are excited to use tools such as machine learning to reduce settlement fails” says Brian Ruane, CEO BNY Mellon Clearance & Collateral Management in the new thought leadership paper, How to Succeed in Fixing Settlement Fails.

Ruane is also a former member of the UCD Smurfit School North American Advisory Board.

As stated in the release article, “When failures-to-deliver in U.S. Treasury and agency securities spiked during the COVID-19 market volatility in March, it threw a spotlight on the need for settlement efficiency. Recent advances in machine learning have created an opportunity to help address these fails and promote market liquidity.”

Download the BNY Mellon paper here.

Brian was also previously interviewed for the UCD Business Alumni page, please see the full interview, Brian Ruane – The Global View, here.

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