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The Past and Future of Gender Research in Marketing – and Its Relevance to Contemporary Societies

  • Date: Thu, Apr 6, 2023

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By Marilyn Stone, Director, Academic Communities and Journals, American Marketing Association

April 4, 2023 - Researchers from Kedge Business School, University College Dublin, University of Bath, and University of Texas at Austin published a new Journal of Marketing article that examines how the socialization of researchers—especially their commitments to particular research values and practices—impacts the types and results of gender-based research published in top-tier marketing journals.

Pictured: Professor Andrea Prothero, UCD College of Business

The study, forthcoming in the Journal of Marketing, is titled “The Past and Future of Gender Research in Marketing: Paradigms, Stances, and Value-Based Commitments” and is authored by Lisa Peñaloza, Andrea Prothero, Pierre McDonagh, and Kathrynn Pounders.

Read the full article and contact information here and

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