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UCD College of Business joins prestigious Global Business School Network

  • Date: Mon, Oct 3, 2022

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By Beth Gormley, UCD College of Business, PR and Communications Manager

UCD College of Business is pleased to announce that it has joined the Global Business School Network (GBSN). Founded in 2003 by the World Bank, GBSN is an independent, global, non-profit with headquarters in Washington, D.C. The organisation fosters cross-border networking, knowledge sharing and collaboration both within the network membership and with the broader business education and development communities.

“As Ireland’s leading global business school, the UCD College of Business prioritises innovative collaboratives and joining GBSN reflects the core theme of our global strategy,  that of ‘Embracing the World’,” said Professor Don Bredin, Associate Dean International, UCD College of Business. “UCD College of Business prioritises global collaborations, as evidenced by our existing network membership, which includes CEMS, GNAM, PIM, PRME and UNICON. GBSN will offer our faculty and students further opportunities to engage with leading international business schools and the business community on a global scale.”

With an emphasis on engagement for students, faculty and leadership, GBSN’s vision is to enable business schools to profoundly impact sustainable development worldwide through education, research, and community engagement. Students are invited to engage through a range of events, competitions and projects, and faculty are presented with professional development opportunities, as well as the use of platforms to complete research on critical developing world issues and problems. For administrators, networking opportunities with a strategic focus and opportunities for collaborative relationships are to the fore.

“A critical element of the UCD College of Business strategy is to further develop the strength and reach of our global networks— not only for the benefit of our students and faculty, but for the benefit business and society, in keeping with our mission of building a better future together” said Professor Anthony Brabazon, Dean of UCD College of Business. “With a growing network of over 130 leading business schools on six continents, the GBSN’s network of academic, corporate and partner organisations will contribute to our desire to have a positive global impact, while actively shaping the development of Ireland and the world for the better.”


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