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Why Is Dublin A Top Choice For MBA Careers In Technology?

  • Date: Tue, Apr 26, 2022

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From global tech giants like Google and Meta to a vibrant startup scene, find out why Dublin is the place to be for career opportunities and MBA jobs in technology

Pictured: Dublin Docklands courtesy of ©Peter Krocka via iStock

When it comes to MBA jobs in technology, there’s San Francisco’s Silicon Valley and London’s Silicon Roundabout. But have you heard of Silicon Docks?

Located in Dublin’s city center near the Grand Canal, the Silicon Docks is home to the likes of Google, Meta, Twitter, and more, as well as a vibrant local tech startup scene. Ireland has attractive options for work visas available which are a big draw for tech superstars and entrepreneurs alike.

Plus, Ireland now boasts six home-grown Unicorn companies, valued at over $1 billion, including Wayflyer, a financing platform for e-commerce brands and Flipdish, an online ordering system for restaurants.

BusinessBecause spoke to Mark Davies, MBA careers manager at one of Europe's leading business schools, University College Dublin’s (UCD) Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, and Caitlin McBride, an MBA alum from UCD Smurfit School now working at Google, to find out four reasons why Dublin is a top choice for MBA careers in technology.

Pictured: Caitlin McBride, Smurfit School MBA Alum

1. Big tech recruiters like Meta and Google have made Dublin their home
When Google installed its European headquarters in Ireland in 2002 it sparked a domino effect, and several global tech giants followed to make the move. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Indeed all have their European headquarters in Dublin.

The presence of existing global tech companies has acted as a magnet for other tech-based firms to come to Dublin. There are currently more than 2,300 active tech startups and scaleups in Ireland, with over 400 multinationals and 280+ innovations hubs. 

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